Brandy & Colin

I recently moved to Philadelphia, about three hours away from my hometown, Selinsgrove, where my best friends and family still live. The move was an easy one to make; I immediately fell in love [...]

Tara and Walter

My Fiance took me out for dinner, not something we really do as we have a 2 year old daughter. It seemed all normal i didn’t expect anything. We ordered our meals.After we had done we sat [...]

Chandre & Seth

We go back to school days, where we knew of each other, even sat next to each other in Maths and never spoke a word. So how this many years later do we end up a few months aways from getting [...]

Christy & Terry

For my birthday this year, Terry promised a surprise, but I was horribly sick and man-down with flu and didn’t question him. I had honestly expected a ring soon, but Terry hadn’t made [...]