Lizelle and Sean

Lizelle and Sean My fiancé and myself got engaged on 25 December 2013, we got engaged on top of the Zugspitze. To give you a rough idea, this is n mountain on the border of Germany and Austria. [...]

Lida-Mari and Henry

Lida-Mari and Henry My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 years. While I was browsing on Facebook I saw an upcoming photographer advertising a photo shoot competition. I decided to enter the [...]

Chanelle and Sean

Chanelle and Sean My Fiance and I started dating when I was in high school ,I was 15 and he 20.(Both families were against this relationship,but it was us against the world) We had our very first [...]

Bonita and Debra

Bonita and Debra It happened like this. When i got home from work on 29 March 2013 good friday. My now fiance requested that i should wait outside for a few minutes. When she opened the door and [...]