Marthina and Francois

Marthina and Francois We went to down Cape Town for a December holiday to visit my cousin (I talked him into going about 3 weeks prior to going on leave – so I obviously did not suspect [...]

Louie and Richard

Louie and Richard From the beginning Richard and I had this connection, we were friends before we became a couple and it was always so easy for us to speak about the future, what our hopes and [...]

Kirsten and Ashton

Kirsten and Ashton Kirsten’s Version: For our three year anniversary Ashton said that we were going on a surprise date! And we all know how much ladies LOVE surprises…. But I had no idea [...]

Lara and Jason

Lara and Jason Jason and I have been dating for over four and a half years now, but I had my eye set on him long before he even knew who I was. We both attended the same high school and I first [...]

Kiara and Tyler

Kiara and Tyler So it was the hottest day of summer in Cape Town and we had arranged to go to Clifton for a date day, but I knew something was up when he phoned and said he was going to meet at [...]