Jessica and Mark

Jessica and Mark My name is Jessica Schindler, on the 16th February 2014 my boyfriend proposed to me, this is how it happened… We were in the Kruger National Park which is my absolute [...]

Jemma and Kyle

Jemma and Kyle Kyle and I met 2 and a half years ago. It was set up by my mother and I was totally against the idea of a blind date. But she was convinced that we would hit it off. It seems she [...]

Immogen and John

Immogen and John A fairy tale story… We met each other 21 years ago, when we where both young, stupid and very naive. We were the best of friends, went clubbing together, did Sunday walks [...]

Celeste and Winray

Celeste and Winray Myself and my then boyfriend had booked a one night stay with Getaway coaches which is in Rayton. They have an old train which they have converted into accommodation facilities [...]