Jaclyn and Shaun

Jaclyn & Shaun [dropcap color=”rosy”]S[/dropcap]haun and I were on a road trip down to Stellenbosch to spend Christmas with his family in Cape Town. We had already spent a night [...]

Ana and Stephen

Ana & Stephen [dropcap color=”rosy”]A[/dropcap]lthough every couple wants to remember how they met as special and unique, for Ana and I it truly was – After a long time of being [...]

Wedding Hair

Some Ideas for your Wedding Hair Remember for great looking wedding hair on your wedding day you can’t just rely on a pretty hairstyle and a bit of last minute touching up. You have to start [...]

Sarisha and Kamal

Sarisha & Kamal [dropcap color=”rosy”]B[/dropcap]eing indian, its common that families are very much involved in relationships And once I had introduced my boyfriend to my [...]