De Vette Mossel Wedding Venue – De Vette Mossel proverb:”The only way to really enjoy seafood, is in abundance, sand under the feet, the smell of the ocean in the nostrils – right next to the sea” West Coast belief.

This is what De Vette Mossel Beach Seafood Restaurant believes in.

De Vette Mossel opened its doors some 9 years ago on an isolated beach at Groot Brak Rivier, near Mossel Bay. Kick off your shoes on a pristine and isolated beach, sip some wine, gaze over the ocean and indulge in seafood in abundance!

De Vette Mossel

De Vette Mossel Weddings

A wedding on the beach? It does not have to be only a dream! We can make your wedding day truly unforgettable at De Vette Mossel!

Why De Vette Mossel

We are the best beach wedding venue in SA

Exceptional menu at unbeatable prices

NO additional cost for venue

Have the ceremony on the beach itself or on our wedding deck – if it is any closer to the sea, your will get wet

Perfect view on the ocean and beach

A Dream Wedding Right on The Beach

At De Vette Mossel Beach Seafood Restaurant near Mossel Bay this can come true – and you can give your creativity and imagination wings. With us anything is possible and only your imagination stands between you and a truly unique and one of a kind wedding. Arrive on horseback at our wedding gazebo on the beach or make a real entrance via our staircase to the beach, treat you guests on wild oysters (Harvested right there along the same stretch of beach!), strawberries, fruit kebabs and Cap Classique, or anything your heart desires, while some “drop dead” wedding photo’s are taken. You are worth it.

Unlike so many venues that market themselves as Beach Wedding Venues, but are in fact situated miles from the coast, De Vette Mossel @ Great Brak River is literally on a low dune next to a pristine and isolated beach – one of the most beautiful along the entire Garden Route. If we were any closer to the sea, you’ll get wet!

And the food? Well, if you have ever been to De Vette Mossel, you should know our food markets itself. Nine courses consisting of 17 mainly seafood dishes, prepared to perfection on open fires in front of the guests. Good honest and healthy food, and not spoilt with many frills. Here you and your guests will experience what grilled West Coast snoek, or calamari steak, black mussels, rock lobster, etc, really taste like. Served as a rolling buffet, guests may eat as much as they like – or can! But, this is not as easy as it sounds – the challenge is to navigate you culinary way through the menu without having to skip a dish or two!

But, we offer much more than merely superbly prepared seafood in abundance – this is an experience, in unusual and informal surroundings, with Cape fishing culture in true West Coast style. We believe the only way to really enjoy seafood is in abundance, sand under your feet, the smell of the sea in your nostrils and right next to the sea. Add a glass or three of the Cape’s best along with the company of friends and family – and you’ll enter a state of bliss.

In the peak season the restaurant can seat up to 550 guests, but during the year we make the restaurant smaller and then it can seat up to 300 guests. Couples can, but do not have to, book the whole restaurant. We accept bookings from a minimum of 30 guests.

Mossel Bay, with an average of 320 sunny days a year and mild temperatures all year around, has got, besides a small town in Hawaii, officially the best weather in the world. Even so, all seats are under canvass roofs, even the dance floor, while the restaurant can be made “weather proof” within minutes to be able to handle light rain and even strong winds with ease. And should the weather does not allow for the ceremony on a beach itself, we move that to our own protected wedding deck. But no need to hold your breath – this has happened only once in eight years.

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  • De Vette Mossel - Isolated beach between Klein- and Groot Brak River, Mosselbay, Garden Route, South Africa
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