2013 Floral Trends


The flowers you use at your wedding and how you arrange them are going to make the biggest impact on the look of your wedding. Have you decided what you want your wedding flowers to look like? We have some gorgeous wedding flower trends for 2013 that you can easily incorporate into your wedding.

Rustic country mixFreshly Picked

For the perfect country flowers at your wedding go for the ‘freshly picked’ look. This flower trend was seen at Kate Moss’ wedding. Its fresh, modern and so beautiful. This is a perfect style to go for if you are on a budget and are considering doing your own flowers. You also do not need a lot of flowers to make an impact.

Knock on woodMagic Wood

We are loving this natural wood trend that we have been seeing at recent weddings. Disks of wood are a fabulous and inexpensive way to dress up a table and to create a beautiful look. The wood gives your table great height and is a great way to group vases full of flowers together.

PewsA Pew Flowers

Thinking of a way to make your ceremony more romantic? Flowers at the end of your pews are the perfect way to beautify the aisle. Get large ceramic flower containers or glass jars for the perfect effect.

ContainerPerfectly Contained

Don’t underestimate the power of a perfect container. Give your flower arrangements the ‘wow’ factor with creative containers. Create a vintage vibe with vintage containers a modern vibe with statement making metallic containers. The choice is yours.

BrightsBright Blooms

Wow we are just loving these bright flower trends. Perfect for any kind of wedding, the effect is instant, bold and trendy.Brighter blooms are back in vogue, and the more variety, the better.


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