A Wedding in Cape Town

Ideas for a Wedding in Cape Town

The excitement of him popping the question, you saying “yes, of course”, and all the excitement of your respective families and friends all makes for some of the most exciting times of your lives! Your life from now until your wedding will be almost totally focussed on planning the best wedding you can. There is no doubt that you have been dreaming and planning for your wedding since either you realised this was the one for you, or since you were a little girl. Now the planning is for real! There are choices to be made like who to ask to be your bridesmaids and your maid of honour. Do you want to have only one or have you always wished that all your best friends and favourite cousins could be involved. You may wish to make your best organised friend your maid of honour as she has the responsibility of organising your bachelorette party and also keep you calm and on time on your wedding day.

But before you make virtually any decision regarding your wedding, the most important one is choosing your the perfect venue from all choices that are out there. If you are lucky enough to live in the Cape, Cape Town wedding venues are varied and diverse so try and narrow it down either by budget or whether you want a beach, city, country or wineland wedding. Wedding venues Cape Town offer the widest choice to brides in South Africa because of the stunning natural beauty of the area. Towering mountains seem to rise out of the ocean. Picturesque valleys are planted with vineyards and many of the historic wine farms are wedding venues as well as restaurants.

Wedding venues Stellenbosch are particularly popular and have venue options such as a 300 year old farm house in the classical Cape Dutch style like Blaauwklippen to a state of the art modern wedding venue such as Clouds Estate which has been refurbished and has the most stunning views over the valleys and mountains looking out towards Franschhoek. Out in the winelands, the scenery is all so photogenic that you are assured of the most beautiful wedding photos to treasure for the rest of your life. The actual town of Stellenbosch is situated at the foothill of a mountain and is primarily known as a university town. It is only about 20 kilometres from the sea but temperatures in summer can soar to the late 30’s. It is a very popular wedding destination because of its natural beauty and stunning climate. Because of its popularity it is advisable to book your wedding venues at least a year in advance, particularly in the popular months of December and January which are the prime holiday months in South Africa.

Once you have chosen your favourite wedding venue from all the possible wedding venues Cape Town you can start planning the rest of your wedding. Often your other decisions like colour scheme and decor will easily fall into place as these are often dictated to by the style of the venue, whether it is in the winelands, rustic country wedding venues, or a gorgeous beach wedding venue.


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