Aidan & Katie

A Proposal, Engagement Shoot & Engagement party all in one Magical Evening….

In ways too many to count, my man Aidan and I epitomise the saying, ‘opposites attract’ when it comes to romance. To him, romance is as alien as ET while I’m an all ‘rainbows and butterflies’ kind of girl.

Over the years we’ve been together special occasions have, almost without exception, been like bad hair days ….

I love horses and I adore my beautiful diva princess, Corsica. We have a bond as precious as she is.

Aidan does not love horses, well not like I do, so when my favourite photographer, Tracy Robertson, who was completing a portfolio of me astride my beautiful lady, suggested one last photograph of the two of us PLUS a man, obviously I asked Aidan to be that man.

His reaction was predictably disappointing; a short, sharp, typically NO!

I begged. He sulked. I begged some more. And more. Eventually with sighs deep and dramatic, he agreed.

The day of the shoot arrived. Strangely, Aidan seemed to get into the spirit of things. He arranged that my hair, make-up and nails were done and bought me the most beautiful new fairy-tale dress…

We arrived at the stables and … WOW! … all the rainbows and butterflies and other romantic creatures that my dreams were made of came wonderfully, magically true.

Fairy lights and a backdrop as beautiful as my Corsica were set up outdoors. Tracy and a few of my very best friends were there and, with Tracy clicking away, Aidan suddenly dropped to one knee and looked up at me with earnest brown eyes. He asked me the best question of my life while offering me a ring the magnificence of which was beyond words, custom designed especially for me.

What a shock & surprise, I had never seen it coming, Aidan had set up the whole thing!  And Tracy, the amazing woman that she is, had agreed; even though it was the night before she left for London.

He then whisked me away to a supposed celebratory dinner with friends, only to arrive at Pasties in Constantia where a whole engagement party awaited us; drinks, delicious snacks, table decorations and 60 of our closest friends and family.

All this from the least romantic person I know. For a day the memory of which will stay fresh in my heart and mind forever, I thank my wonderful fiancé, a proposal, engagement shoot and engagement party all in one magical night only my wildest most special dreams are made of…

Winning this prize for him would be a very special way to express my appreciation and show him just how much it will always mean to me.

Aidan Williams & Katie Payne 06.06.2013

Aidan & Katie Proposal 06.06.2013

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