Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding

A beach wedding makes one think of images that are casual, laid back and gorgeous! It makes you think of blue seas, white sands, hot sun and the whiff of summer! Dresses are flowing and soft, hair is tumbling and casual and any of the blue colours look amazing for the wedding party. But look how stunning these beach weddings look with a touch of pink or minty green.

beach wedding colour pinks

The colour scheme for this beach wedding using different coloured cushions on benches and bright pink flowers in the table arrangements makes for a kind of a shabby chic look which is really appealing.

greens and pinks

This beach wedding is gorgeous with its mint greens and shades of pink. The green lanterns look so fresh against the ocean and it makes a wonderful change from the expected blue colour scheme.

lighting beach wedding

This lighting is a good idea for your beach wedding. You could also use candles in paper bags for the same romantic effect. The groom’s choice of colour for his clothes is perfect for a beach wedding.

beach feet

Foot jewellery is perfect for your beach wedding. Feel the sand between your toes and show off a pretty pedicure!

What better way to celebrate your life together than having a beach wedding to share with your friends and family!



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