Wedding in the South African Bush


Finding Your Perfect Bush Wedding Venue

Planning your bush wedding…

Planning the perfect wedding in the South African bush can be a bit challenging. There are plenty of factors you are going to need to consider when looking for your perfect bush wedding venue.

Finding your wedding venue is going to be the first step in your wedding planning and if you have decided that you want to get married in the romantic South African bush then this is for you

Top Tips

  • Firstly find out if the wedding venues that you are looking at are going to be able to accommodate your guest numbers. Some bush wedding venues only cater for weddings of up to 12 guests for example, while other bush lodges cater for larger weddings. Sometimes cutting numbers to secure your dream venue is well worth it.
  • You may also want to consider how far away you want the venue to be “away from home”. There are so many gorgeous bush wedding venues in South Africa with most of them being located far away from the madness of the cities. For some brides it might be a draw card that these venues are located away from cities but other brides might consider this to be a drawback. When comparing wedding venues find out how far the venue is from major cities and how easy it is to access. Find out if there is an airport nearby for guests who may want to fly in and find out if the venue provides a shuttle service to the Lodge. For guests that want to self-drive find out the driving time and consider if it is reasonable to ask guests to drive.
  • It is very important to research and find out what services are available in the area you are considering. If the lodge is located in quite a remote area then you may not find all the service providers that you require. The great thing about this day and age is that the great wedding photographers in South Africa are willing to travel, so securing the perfect photographer should not be a problem. Also keep in mind that bush wedding venues really don’t require being over dressed in décor as the natural surrounds provides more than enough ambiance and beauty for your wedding. Many lodges also have great chefs in house who will more than likely be able to create a delicious wedding cake for you and keep down your costs.
  • You will also want to consider how many of your guests are going to be willing to pay for accommodation on the wedding night and what is a reasonable amount to expect them to pay. Many of the more upmarket lodges require that the wedding party take exclusive use of the entire lodge and rates per person per night can be extremely expensive. Other lodges may allow guests to attend the wedding for the evening so you would then need to research other accommodation options in the area.
  • Malaria, finally, is a massive consideration when looking for your bush wedding venue. Although South Africa is generally low risk if you have any children or pregnant women attending your wedding you are going to want to steer clear of Malaria areas or consult a doctor about the risks of the area.

Happy planning!

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