Candy and Shaun

Candy and Shaun

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]A[/dropcap]fter being together for 11 years, high school sweethearts, Candice decided to “pop the question”!
We had been joking around the whole year (2012) about it being leap year and that it was her chance to make it official…lol

WELL, she did, and with a bang!!


She had planned for the very close family and friends to join us at the rugby, Bulls vs Lions, this to was a surprise as I was told it was only us and her parents.
When we got there I saw everyone, to my shock, and was told that the reason they were all there is to celebrate us finally taking the big step and moving in together!
Well, wasn’t that a lie. Lol!

The camera crew set up and stood in the row just in front of my brother. I didn’t think anything of it, I thought cool, the broadcast would start with us, on live TV.

Then, at 3 min to 7 the camera’s were rolling and there we were on big screen.
At this time however, Candice went on her knee with a ring.
Then when I turned to her to say “hey check we on TV” I saw her, there with the ring!! WOW!!!

After a lot of emotions, Candice crying and so on, she finally said the words….”Will you marry me”
(at this time it was on the big screen as well but I never looked away to see it!)

I said yes and she put the ring on my finger and there it was….we were officially engaged!!

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