Cari-Lee and Bradley

Cari-Lee and Bradley

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]I[/dropcap] met my fiance (Bradley) in 2009 and shared our first kiss and later on our first holiday together at kasouga Bay in the Eastern Cape.

We decided to broaden our horizons in 2011 and moved to Hong Kong in January 2012 where our love for one another has grown from strength to strength. It must be said that living with your boyfriend in a foreign country where cooking, cleaning and sleeping are done in a house the size of a bathroom in South African standards, is a challenge!!! BUT year one complete and holiday time in Sunny SA!!!

Brads family have holidayed at Kasouga for the past 100+ years and this year my family decided to join in the fun and rented out a house not too far from his! We arrived in South Africa on the 18th of December and headed straight for the beach to spend time with the families. On the 21st of December we decided to do our traditional walk up to Brads favourite ‘look out spot’ at Kasouga where we went once a holiday and drank champagne while appreciating the 270 degree view of the bay and ocean down (far far) below. We organised to meet halfway between our houses at 6pm as family time was required from both of us for the afternoon (or maybe the cricket was on 😉

Our walk started off very romantically until I began to admire the scenic beach through the lens of the camera- snapping away at everything. After a 1km walk along the beach we began ascending on the dreaded sand dune. As we began to walk up the dune I turned to face the ocean and snap a few shots, after which I turned only to see my boyfriend ahead of me going up the dune. I became annoyed because I could not see him (as you have to walk around the dune as well as up) and started following his footprints all the way up the hill until I got to the top and foolishly began complaining and asking why he had just walked away from me (I am a paranoid South African!!!). The response I received was very unexpected. He merely said “there is something for you on the sand dune”. In my annoyance I glanced at the sand dune and turned back to face him, once more asking why he had left me behind. I then realised that Brad had written the words: WILL U MARRY ME across the dune below. The words were made using driftwood and stones that Brad had carried himself up the dune and positioned.

Once I had realised what was happening I welled up with emotion as Brad dropped to his knee and said “Cari-Lee Haakonsen will you marry me?” I could not quite believe this as it is something we had discussed but something I had not expected at all to happen on this holiday. I looked down at Brad as he shook with nervousness/excitement and was gripping the ring so tightly so he would not drop it into the sand. He then grabbed my right hand and put the ring onto my finger. My response was along the lines of: “Are you being serious… of course I will marry you but you have put the ring on the wrong hand!!!” The champagne we shared was sweeter than ever and I know we will share many more together at that exact spot.

Brad later told me that the reason he had left me behind and ran up the dune was to ensure the writing was visible as he had made the proposal sign earlier in the day and was not sure if the wind had caused the sand to cover the letters. We could not have asked for a better ending to the day as we walked back to tell our parents the good news and witnessed one of the most breathtaking sunsets of our existence.

This is a holiday I will never forget and the excitement that followed with sharing our exciting news is a memory I hold close to my heart.

We are now back in Hong Kong working and trying to save for our wedding which is set to be held at Kasouga later this year!! Why would anyone decide to get married anywhere other than our very own beautiful South Africa?

When returning to Hong Kong we were treated to an unbelievable surprise Engagement Party at one of the local parks. 40 friends gathered on a Sunday morning where we shared copious amounts of champagne, snacks and fairytale holiday stories. Photos from this special day have been used in our ‘Save the Date’ which is attached.

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