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So where to begin my story…

My fiancé and I are both wedding photographers. We share this passion for weddings. As He has been in the industry for quite a long time he always said that no matter what it takes, he will not slack on the proposal, the ring and the wedding as he has seen plenty of weddings and have heard thousands of stories.

We went to the USA to photograph a wedding… As this was a once in a lifetime travel opportunity we decided to make a holiday of it. On the first day of arival we where in new york city. WOW… there is no other word to perfectly describe that city.  A photographers dream… We where so excited and over and above the jet lag, and figuring out where our hotel is, how the train system works ext. We started exploring. And taking photos off coarse.

It was just amazing experiencing the busy streets of New york and then TIME SQUARE.. We got up the next morning early. This was now day 2. All excited we did all the touristy things there is to do like going on a water taxi that takes you all over: Brooklyn bridge, Statue of liberty, 911 museum ext

Obviously I did not realise the extra special treatment from Eugene, because we are over seas and maybe he is just as excited as I was being in America. After about 14 hours of walking, sightseeing and looking for Starbucks coffee and Dunkin Doughnuts. We wens back to the Hotel room, Fell a sleep and woke up at like 10pm. But as New york never sleeps we still had plenty of time to still have an awesome experience in New York as it was our last night there. Eugene wanted a nice image of us in New York to print to canvas, or thats what he has told me, so after putting on about 5 outfits I finally decided that this is it… So we went exploring again. We got to a intersection and Eugene said that this is perfect for the image he wanted. As he was testing the light and setting up his camera I was the model and was playing around with my camera taking nice night shots. Finally after about 5 minutes he found some tourists to take the picture. He walked over to me, and there it was… He went down in the middle of Time Square on one knee. And had M & M’s, in my favourite colours(pink and white) Printed on, “Trou met my my Bekkie”. with my engagement ring inside the m&m cup holder.

We had the busy streets of Time square stopping and clapping hands. I t was the most magical moment ever. I got so excited that I forgot to say yes. Eugene got nervous and asked “is that a yes or no?”  OBVIOUSLY it was a YES…

He made this even more special as he had my engagement ring specially designed for my. We own the company called ChilliPix and in the rings deign the is a chilli and off coarse Hearts…

What makes it even more awesome was that not only did we have an absolutely beautiful image(that ended up being a canvas in our house) but Eugene attached the Go-pro to the lens hood, so we have a video of me forgetting to say YES.

We ended up going to Starbucks so we can let the family know, and to make this night even more perfect we got free Starbucks.

What a romantic night it was.

We had dinner at the hard rock cafe after everything. This was the perfect engagement proposal ever.

After New york we travel all over and we could not leave Florida without making a stop at Disney world. This Was just perfect.


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