Christelle and Ben

Christelle and Ben

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]W[/dropcap]e’re from a small holiday town in the Western Cape, Hartenbos. We we both went to school and grew up. However after school when we started dating, we moved to Mpumalanga. Ben moved to Malelane, and I moved to Nelspruit. Being a year away from home, we took a 10 day holiday home. Driving down to the coast with a ring in his pocket ;). Mid July, which is a really bad time of the year to go to the beach. ITS FREEZING!

19 July 2011 late afternoon in a a ice cold breeze my boyfriend wants to show me the beach, we took a stroll (me clinging to his arm so he can shield the cold). I walked a few steps in front of him, when I decided not one step further, I’m going back to the car. And in that instant – perfect timing – (still wondering how he got it to work out so perfect) as I turned around to tell him I’m walking back to the car, he was on one knee with a ring in his hand..

All he could get out was the needed words.. will you marry me..

No pause, and no awaited answer from me,

He just put the ring on, and claimed me.

Was the most unexpected moment, being home, being able to share it with my family, and being blessed an outstanding fiance, everything he does is special, this day just stands out.

We will be getting married 9 November 2013, for the best day is still to come.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our engagement story with you.

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