Christine and Simon

Simon & Christine

[dropcap color=”rosy”]A[/dropcap] few months before he proposed we decided to go to Cape Town it was my first time for some well deserved R&R. On that trip we took a scenic route between Simonstown and Cape Point and there was a specific spot I mentioned in saying I wouldn’t mind getting proposed to there.

Now knowing my fiancé he remembers everything I say and because I have a hectic job and life some things I say tend to leave my own mind sooner.

At that time we had been together for 5 years and had just bought our first property.We were so excited!!!!

A week before October 29th 2011 he sent me an email of an internal competition he had “won” for two to attend a rooftop concert in Cape Town.

He had sent me the itinerary and everything looked legit, from our flights to our car rental.

I was impressed and excited to be seeing CT for the second time in less than a year!

The morning of our flight was a cold bitter morning and I being a sleepy head was not impressed that the event co-ordinators could only get us a flight at 06.55am I mean who would do that? Anyway we boarded our flights and I slept through it as usual. The turbulence was insane and it brought on my motion sickness to the highest degree- excuse the pun. When we landed, CT was beautifully sunny and warm I felt at peace and was ready to have a lekker jol at this event, more so as the flights back to JHB were at 5pm.

We stopped at a local store to get ENO as it helps alleviate my motion sickness and apparently that is when the big exchange happened i.e. the ring from the bag to his pocket!

We were now driving towards the party of which the invite stated to look out for coloured flags that will lead you to the venue. We drove for a good 30minutes and it was already 12.15pm by then meaning we had 3hours to party.

Getting frustrated I asked that he stop alongside the beach to just stand and take in the view. He refused and said we should keep driving maybe we will see a flag soon. He then drove for another 3minutes and stopped at the place I mentioned had a beautiful proposal view. We were holding each other in the wind and he turned me around to face the sea. I then turned around to see where his arms were as they were supposed to be around me and next thing he was on one knee.

He made the speech of me being his future and I agreed- tears and all.

We then went to his favourite food joints at Eastern Food Bazaar to celebrate and running like mad men to terminals only to see our flight take off.

It was awesome though as we had more time to bask in our new found commitment in glorious Cape Town.


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