Claire and Stuart

Claire & Stewart

[dropcap color=”rosy”]I[/dropcap] am originally from Cape Town, been living in JHB for the last 5 years (where I met my love) and go back home at least 4 times a year.

On the 28th March one of my best friends got married back home in Cape Town and I was her Maid Of Honour, so I flew down a week before to do the Hen Party etc, my boyfriend came down a week later, the night before the wedding.

Little did I know, when my dad picked him up from the airport (I was already at the venue), they were driving back to my dad’s place when Stuart asked my father’s permission for my hand in marriage. And of course he said yes 🙂 So the wedding came and went and we were still in Cape Town for the whole of Easter Weekend only leaving back to JHB on the 1st.

Stuart is an only child, where I come from a huge family with 6 siblings (extended) and 7 nephews and a niece, so family time means the world to him. Every Easter we do an Easter Egg hunt with the little kids and for some reason this year Stuart was BEYOND excited!!! Even more excited than the little ones. I honestly just thought that it was due to the fact that he had never done an Easter Egg Hunt with the kids before.

Okay, so long story short, Easter Sunday came and we hid the millions of eggs in my dad’s garden and did the hunt which is always great to see their expressions!

At the end of it my dad told all the little ones to each grab an egg and sit around me for a photo. He told me to grab one as well.

My dad LOVES taking photo’s so I was pretty annoyed as I found it really cheesy, but did not suspect a thing.

So once we all had our eggs, Stuart gave me another egg and said “no, rather use this one”. I just assumed because it was bigger.

So my Dad did this countdown saying “Okay everybody, unwrap your eggs”, which we did, then “Okay now take a big bite out of your eggs”, which we did (and slightly annoyed still) and it was at this time when I felt something jiggle in my hollow chocolate egg… looking down in to it, I saw the most beautiful white gold ring with a champagne diamond (covered in broken pieces of chocolate)… All I could do was put my head in to my lap and start crying.. nobody (besides Stuart and my father) knew what was going on and all of a sudden I looked next to me and Stuart was on one knee and just said “ You know I love you right… marry me”… and in between sobs it was then that my sister-in-law figured out what was happening and pretty much dive tackled us before I could even say yes!

I did say yes and I think it was the most BEAUTIFUL proposal ever as he involved my family J

He had actually opened a foil hollow easter egg so carefully, cut a piece out, popped the ring in, melted the chocolate back in place (with his finger. Haha) and then wrapped it so carefully again that it looked like it had never been tampered with.

We are looking at getting married next year March back in Cape Town (of course).

proposal pic 3

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