Danielle & Ivan

The story begins like most I suppose, girl met boy, boy met girl…we fell madly in love and a few years later he popped the question in the most amazing way, any girl would go weak at the knees…

We were on a mini vacation in the woodlands outside Tzaneen with my folks and on day three Ivan(Mr amazing himself) and I woke at 4am to watch the sun rise over Stanford lake and the surrounding forest engulfed hills.

Little did I know he had gone out before waking me to set out chairs, a blanket and a surprise.

As we sat waiting, watching the fog rise and then the sun he told me to close my eyes, and go with him…a few steps later he told me to open them up and on the floor he had spelled out, with 100 of our photos together, the words “Will You Marry Me?” when I turned around he was on one knee waiting for the answer with my beautiful ring…

And this is how the start of our happily ever after began..


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