Delicia & Nevashen

Nevashen and I have been dating for 5 years.We have spoken about getting married but never settled on a date.. we knew it would happen.. just details to follow. Earlier this year, the both of us along with a few friends decided to take a trip overseas, Thailand and Dubai.

So the excitement built up and we were on our way. Thailand was beautiful, white beaches, cocktails and being amongst people we loved.

Then was Dubai.. and where our story really gets interesting.

I had known our accommodation to be not too fancy as this was a budget holiday…When we got to Dubai, we were whisked off to Atlantis.. where we would spend the day.After being caught up with the beautiful cars, Nev had come out of the hotel waving a room key in his hand….So the day just got more exciting.. we toured the aquarium and then he said we will have a nice dinner..

So the rest of our friends did not join us.. it was the biggest yummiest buffet I’ve ever seen in my life! After dinner, we decided to walk around outside to see what the nightscape looks like.

Along we went and we ended up under a gazebo on the beach where the background was the city lights of Dubai…I was in awe with this sight and just my luck, my camera died on me.Then, Nev called me and I answered him with a simple ‘yes?’ whilst my eyes were still glued on the amazing scenery.I turned around after he did not reply to me, to find him on bended knee with a red ring box in his hand

And then he asked, “will you marry me Del’

Without hesitation I said yes 🙂

Afterwards, we met our friends, who where in on this from the time we started planning our holiday!

It was something out of a movie…. It was the MOST romantic moment which I will remember for the rest of my life. I am not one for surprises… but this was the BEST surprise ever

Our wedding date is now set for the 08.06.2014…


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