Elisna & Jan-Hendrick

Our engagement story – My boyfriend Jan-Hendrik, had to go on business to Cape Town (we are from Potchefstroom so a vacation or any business in the Cape is FANTASTIC!!) and he desperately wanted me to go with. JIPPEEEEEE:):) So on Thursday 11th April, we drove 1325k to Cape Town, stayed at a Hotel with his colleague and wife (good friends of ours) and had a blast (not suspecting anything of course!!)!!

On the Saturday (13 April) all four of us went for a drive to explore Cape Town (or so they told me) – I thought we would go up Table Mountain or go to the Waterfront but nope we drove past all that. My spirits sure wasn’t dimmed as we drove up Chapman’s Peak and got out at a picnic spot overlooking Houtbay, because it was the most beautiful day in the Cape. No wind, sunny blue skyes, birds chirping in the fynbos next to us – idyllic. (Our friend mysteriously disappeared:)) and while sitting on a bench overlooking this romantic setting, the love of my life proposed to me with the sweetest words and the most beautiful ring. Our friends “mysteriously” appeared with champagne and we spent the whole afternoon celebrating!! (Only after the celebrations ended I heared that through the whole journey to Cape Town my ring traveled in the spare tyre!!!) and yes, we drove back home on Sunday!!

What an amazing weekend!!! We are getting married on the 19th October 2013 – I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!


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