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An Engagement Party is not essential, but is a matter of choice. If you are having a long engagement of 8 months to a year, then an engagement party can be a good idea but remember that it is an additional expense on your wedding budget. The engagement party is often hosted at the home of a parent or a friend, or even at the couple’s home. It can be as formal or informal as you wish.

It is given by the bride’s family (although not always) and marks the beginning of the official countdown of planning the wedding. The guests at the engagement party are also invited to the wedding and is a chance for family members and guests to get to know each other better and is also, let’s face it, a good excuse for a party!

Typically it is not essential to invite guests who have to travel to your engagement party as they will already be travelling to your wedding and as we all know, travelling is an expensive business. Obviously the exception is either or both sets of parents.

People will ask you if you have a gift register as some people will want to give you a gift. It is not essential for people to give gifts, though, so don’t make the party about the gifts. What with your wedding, bachelorette party and travelling expenses, your wedding is already costing people a lot of money.  Open any you have received after everyone has left and don’t forget to send Thank You notes! It is a good idea to get into the habit of sending thank -you notes for anything anyone does for you at this time as this gives a good impression about you. An email or text message can be followed up with a thank-you card.

You can choose any theme you want for your engagement party and maybe you wish to choose a theme that reflects your relationship. It’s a good idea to treat your engagement party like a special birthday! You don’t have to go overboard with decor and flowers, although a few flowers never go amiss.

For the bar, choose a cocktail or two and name it after the two of you, or maybe something that you have a common interest in. You can keep the food as formal or as informal as you like. It is a great opportunity to try out some things that you may or may not be having at your wedding.  If you are not having a sweet table at your wedding, you can have one at your engagement party for example.

You will wish to mingle with your guests as they will want to congratulate you and chat to you. You will surely wish to make some toasts. Keep them short and simple and don’t forget to thank your hosts and the guests for attending.

You may wish to hire a photographer for a few hours to snap happy pictures of your engagement party. It may be possible to get a student photographer to keep costs down.

And above all, take some time out during the evening with your fiancé! Remind each other that this is after all,  your engagement party! Stop and smell the roses!!

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