Finding Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues

After recently planning my own wedding I found that finding the perfect wedding venue is one of the biggest challenges you will be faced. So how did you find your dream wedding venue? There are so many wedding venues South Africa out there it can be overwhelming when trying to decide on one. So how do you actually find perfect venue?

Start by eliminating your options and start to figure out what it is that you are really after. Try to envisage your wedding day… What does it look like? You either want to get married in a church or little chapel, or perhaps in a beautifully decorated room or outdoors. Where do you see yourself having your reception? What does the space look like? There are so many gorgeous wedding venues out there – there really is something for everyones tastes and budgets. Some Gauteng wedding venues have purpose built venue areas which are perfectly suited to weddings. A bride’s every need can be taken care of due to dedicated staff and great experience with weddings. If that does not sounds like the type of wedding venue you might like then there are also some fantastic Gauteng hotels which offer weddings. You may like to get married Princess style and get married in a Castle, complete with your very own prince charming. There are some fantastic Castle wedding venues Gauteng available.

If you live in Pretoria then you are really in for a great time when it comes to looking at wedding venues Pretoria. The city boasts some if the best venues in the country and cater to any taste, style and budget. You could decide to get married in the city or perhaps just outside the city in the countryside. Gauteng wedding venues really have all the bases covered!


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