Guinevere and Leon

Guinevere and Leon

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]T[/dropcap]his is a long story that started a long time ago, and that is why I wrote you an essay. Ha ha ha

In 2004 I met this amazing guy whilst on holiday in East London. After the holiday I invited the guy to our farm in Limpopo thinking he lives in Pretoria still, he replied and said that he just wants to see if he can get a flight before the weekend as he has moved to Durban, my heart sank at the thought that he moved away so far. But he did fly down for the weekend. We went to the farm with my parents for the weekend but I could see Leon is not well, he had tick bite fever that only kicked in when we reached the farm, but being a gentleman he did not want us to worry so he tried hiding the fact he is very ill. I took him for a game drive the Saturday morning and being 17 I wanted to impress this 22 year old, so I was driving with a cigarette in the one hand “you know acting very cool” and when I came around the one corner on the farm I drove slap bang into a tree, that is where the old land rover came to a stop and decided it will not start again. So we did what we had to do and walked all the way back in the heat of the day to the house, you can imagine how sick Leon felt after that “adventure”. After the weekend he went back to Durban and he stayed in constant contact with me. I moved on and got a boyfriend and he got a girlfriend but still he would call and ask how I’m doing and in general just being super nice. In 2009 I broke up with the guy I was seeing and about 2 months later Leon messaged me to go for coffee. We have been together ever since.

I am a jeweller from Gauteng, about 2 years ago I saw a red diamond at my friends workshop and fell absolutely in love with it, I then last year decided that I absolutely have to buy this red diamond “you know, for my own personal happiness”.

So I started to buy the diamond “borrowed money from my dad and put down the deposit”

On our third anniversary Leon told me he wants to go to the farm as we have not been there alone in aaaages. I tried to tell him that it’s my niece’s birthday and I really want to be there for her third birthday, he just said that she will have another birthday and that he really just needs to get away to the farm. So I gave in and said we can go. The afternoon we got to the farm I was still unpacking the groceries and decided to give Leon his anniversary gift, a bottle of Johnny Walker platinum. I made a card with all the properties that platinum has and how he is platinum in my eyes. He got emotional when he read the card and I still thought how strange that he is so emotional. He told me whilst packing out the food and everything for the weekend we must go on a game drive where I said that I’m tired of being in a car as the farm is 2 and a half hours away from my house. But he was persistent and I gave in and said sure. I wanted to take a beer with on our drive and he said we can have one when we are back. So there we go on our game drive. He drove me to the that I crashed in to the first time he came and said “this is the tree you made me walk from all those years ago when I was sick” I said yes it is the tree and laughed because every time we go past that tree he reminds me. He then reached to the back and said he got me a gift too a bottle of Bolinger Champagne, I was so happy because I love Champagne and I had Bolinger once before at the anglo platinum evening. I then started thinking “hmmmm this is strange is he going to propose?” I almost yelled YES!!! when he gave me the glass of champagne ha ha ha but I calmed myself down and decided that he just got me the champagne because I love it so much. He then climbed out of the game viewer and walked around to me side of the car. He then said he has another gift and he gave me a small box with a cow print on it, very cheap jewellery box so I thought “awh sweet he got me a pendant or something” I opened the box and the first thing I saw was my red diamond!!! As soon as he gave me the ring he walked away with his back turned to me, and very obviously trying to hide his tears. I then walked to him and gave the box back, where he looked at me with total confusion. I then said “I can’t say yes if you don’t ask me” and through his emotion he got the words out “Will you marry me” well I always said I don’t understand why people cry when they get engaged, that day I realized why, you just can’t help it” ha ha ha When we were both calmed down and the champagne kicked in with full force he said that he had my friends make the ring for me in a solitare setting so that I can design and create my own ring. I really don’t think I will ever forget that day, it was beyond amazing! This is not an elaborate engagement but the way he knew me so well to organize all that made it the best engagement I could have ever imagined. 🙂 we are getting married the 28th of september 2013 and we could not be happier 😀

Hope you enjoyed my extremely long story 🙂 I attached the pictures of the day of our engagement and my ring when I finished it 🙂




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