Hulde and Aldon

Hulde and Aldon

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]T[/dropcap]he day I asked my fiancé for her hand in marriage, must have been the most stressful day in my life. Since the very first day the slightest thought of something more than a platonic friendship was formed, she told me that she will say no a couple of times, forcing me to ask more than once. This way she will make sure that I really want to marry her.

Browsing hundreds of jewellery stores, fitting thousands of rings (or so it felt) for a couple of months, doing fine planning and listening carefully to her likes and dislikes, I finally got a ring that I thought was just perfect for her… Or so I hoped. I locked the precious ring away for safe keeping as I was busy writing exams and I could not risk any distractions. After the exams I started contemplating ways to ask the big question…

Knowing she was a person who did not like crowds, it was luckily a no go for me. Also knowing she is a nature person, I thought of going hiking at the same place we went on our first date, (a unplanned stop at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens with her in high heels-which gave other patrons good entertainment) but to drive there would make her suspicions and just might spoil the surprise. The place where we were introduced to each other was out as well, race tracks are not romantic. So I realized asking for her hand would be a pickle.

All the time (although the ring I picked specially for her was already at home, locked away), I still took her to every possible jewellery store so that she could give me ideas of what her dream ring would look like. In the meantime I asked our parents for their blessing, which was a different adventure all together. Gratefully her family as well as mine all gave their approval.

My final idea was to go hiking near her house in a nature reserve the weekend, (I was now carrying the ring with me for three days or more, burning to ask her), but again plans did not work out. I really wanted to go to the nature reserve and by all means of persuasion I could not convince her to do it. The day before it started raining and my family invited us to get together on the following day, I felt this was now going all pear shaped as she needed groceries as well and her brother’s car broke down too (and since I know a tiny bit of car-mechanics, I was summoned to help). Therefore she said we should skip the hike or at least postpone it to a later date. My plans where going down the drain faster than I could think of new ones.

Eventually we went shopping for groceries and in between looked at even more engagement rings. I decided that this would be the day I would ask the question – come hell or high water! During the grocery shopping I saw the perfect little bear that was just too cute to leave on the shelf, maybe it would be a nice touch.  We were planning to go to a dance later the evening, (the first one outside the studio where she took me and cured my two left feet). The sun was already setting and it was cool and nice outside as it was still raining for most of the weekend. She went to get dressed for the dance, and I saw my gap, not as romantic as a tropic island or a boat cruise, but private and intimate.

I made notes telling her how I felt about her, each pointing to the next one for her to follow. Leading her to the porch where I had the little bear and treats waiting (Steri-Stumpies, our favourite treat after a long day shopping and two PS. Chocolates: one reading “I LOVE YOU” for if she said no (and I have to ask again) and one “THANK YOU” for when she said yes. I coaxed her to follow the notes in the dim light inside to the low light of the last rays of daylight outside where the bear and treats where sitting on the couch we always sit on this time of day. As we were drinking our favourite flavoured milk-treats my heart was pounding in my throat and my hands sweating as I realised the moment arrived. So I started by telling her that she looked amazing and gave her the little bear, then I started to apologize (at which she looked completely puzzled) I asked her for forgiveness for lying to her during the week, my monthly budget was not overspent (like I told her) on my car. She seemed surprised but forgave me quite easily for lying. That was when I starting sliding off the couch to end up on my knees in front of her. I told her how much I loved her and that I am really grateful she is part of my life and although she might not be perfect, she is perfect for me. And although I might not be perfect I hope I could be perfect for her, the way she is for me. However I wish to ask her a question: Would you marry me?

She had tears in her eyes and her answer was: I actually said that I would say no the first time… But YES, I will marry you!!

So we ended of a perfect day with dancing till late the night, celebrating the new stage of our wonderful relationship.

We are getting married in March 2013, and neither of us can wait for this big day.





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