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[dropcap color=”rosy”]E[/dropcap]very girls dream is to get engaged and married to the man of her dreams. My came true in a very funny and special way. My fiancé, boyfriend, at that stage, who I though would never asked me to marry him finally did! He had it all planned – it goes like this! A while ago my friend emailed us asking to enter a photo competition well I never did but my fiancé did, then about 2 weeks later he phone me saying that we won a photo shoot and album and it would be on the 22 December 2012 believing him because the photographer emailed us saying congratulations and where the shoot would be. So anxious and happy I started loosing weight could wait for our first photo shoot.

The day arrived we met them at randburg park so excited they started doing my make-up and him and the photographers went for a walk. Not knowing what he had planned I joked and said to the make-up artist he would never ask me to marry him and just in the week he got upset with me saying I should get it out of my mind, so I went on and on about the shoot that we ‘won’. They day went by and we had so much fun posing and playing in front of the camera. As the day came to an end the photographers said they want to do a pick-nick setting in the park and they would quickly go and fetch the stuff in the car and of course he had to go with. So I waited and when they returned she opened the basket and it was full of chocolates and champagne, she joked and said I should eat her chocolates it is only props ;). They took a few pictures and as I turned around he was standing on one knee asking if I would be his wife! I was so shocked I probably said yes 100000 times!

Everyone laughed as it was planned and I didn’t even know it! We had such a wonderful day and getting married the 22 February 2014. Just wanted to share my special story with you! Something I will remember for the rest of my  life!


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