Jaqueline and Morne

Jacqueline and Morne

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]J[/dropcap]ust to begin with, he always said that when he asked me that it will be on a way I would have never guessed…

He took me away for the weekend to the most amazing place called Tshukudu Game Lodge in Hoedspruit!! My happy place is in the bush and he knew it well 😉 We knew in advance that they would take us on a game drive in the afternoon and a walk with wild animals in the morning (so like most of us girls we naturally think that’s when it’s going to happen…. That’s when he is going to ask the BIG question) so we left Nelspruit the morning of the 17th Nov 2012 on our way to the Lodge 170km’s further! When we reached the gates of Tshukudu there was a big sign saying please stay in vehicle at all times on your way to the lodge/bushcamp/tentedcamps. They do after all have the big 5 on their farm 😉 anywhoooooo… so in we go immediately on the lookout for animals. It’s a dirt road and I was quite nervous about my vehicle’s tyres… About after 5km’s on the dirt road he said my front tyre is pulling to the left, and he thinks we might have a slow puncture, immediately I was panicking then there was this horrible sound underneath the car and he stopped! He got out to check the tyre and then he said “Oh no…” I got out to have a look as well and he was on his knees busy with the tyre and I asked him what’s wrong and he said there’s a big thorn in the tyre… I told him to just leave it and he suddenly said it’s out.  I looked and when he took his hand out underneath the body work he had a ring in his hand… I was soooooo shocked because I was expecting this big thorn and then it was a RING!!!! It was so so so unsuspected and such a surprise I just started to laugh…  – well we all know what my answer was.

He originally wanted to ask me when we were going to walk with the cheetah’s the next day but he said he knew I would suspect it so he changed his mind!!! For other people this might not sound romantic but for me this was the BEST proposal ever because I always sniff everything out and he really wanted to surprise me, and he DID!!!!


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