Jaimie and Stewart

One very hot & humid evening in August 2005, a girl at a very packed night club with her new boyfriend, was introduced to a guy that had quite conveniently & somewhat by chance shared a conversation & a drink with her new boyfriend exactly a week before this night in September at exactly the same club. This guy was very interesting to the girl, as she loved his passion of photography, design & the things she was passionate about ( it also helped that she was taken back at how charming & swarve he looked). He was fascinated with what the girl had to say about interior design & life & how interested she was in what he did & who he was ( albeit that he had had quite a bit to drink). Both the girl & the boy remembered each other & thought, that is someone I would like to know, but never exchanged numbers and regretted for a long time after.

Almost 4 months later the girl was selling tickets for a charity in a mall a few suburbs away from where she lived, her ‘new boyfriend’ had worn thin & had broken up with the girl over IM a few days before. So a very sad girl dressed in an old System of a Down hoodie & jeans with slightly dirty hair outside a grocery store noticed the boy coming towards the entrance of the grocery store with a few of his friends. Her heart fluttered & then she remembered how terrible she looked, tried to hide behind the book she was reading, so the boy wouldn’t see her. But from across the room, he noticed her again & came over to say hi. What was said neither the boy or girl can remember today, but it was pleasant & somewhat awkward. He left the table she was sitting at to go into the grocery shop to buy hair die, while she scrambled to somehow get herself looking a little better & tried to pretend she was mildly calm. When he came out he just waved a nervous goodbye, and yet once more no details were swapped.

Almost a year had gone by and both had moved on with their lives & had independently given up on love & decided to just have an amazing time with friends & enjoyed life. Both the boy & the girl went out to enjoy life at the same rock club on a night in Late August & while dancing to a song that neither of them could remember the name of either on the night or now. Eventually after the boy had analyzed the girls feet direction & body language, the girl was set to leave with her friends, so he asked her out for coffee. The girl was busy writing exams & while her heart was longing to go, her head was thinking about her studies, so she said no. The very disappointed boy was about to walk away, but the girl quickly stated that she would love to have coffee, just not right at the moment. So the only slightly happier boy whipped out his wallet & handed over his business card to the girl, who promised to SMS her number to him when she was in the car. So the boy not quite convinced that the girls actually was interested in him waited in the club for her message to come through. Which the help of her friends, the girl nervously typed a message to the boy.

The rest as we say is history, but after a race on the highway to have our first coffee session, a first date at foot-up trials, after a year of a long distance relationship, Stuart studying a BHC Hons in computer Science & jaimie studying a BTech in Interior Design & a diploma in patisserie & restaurant management, living together for 4 years & happily in love, 7 years has flown by quickly & Jaimie & Stuart are finally getting married!!

Jaimie is a lecturer in Interior Design, Head of academics & quality manager for BHC School of Design, loves sunshine, chocolate cake, laughing & is very cute & quirky & yet manages to be the organizer & serious one in the relationship.

Stuart has just joined a new company, Siyelo; to become the Senior Software Developer. He loves open source software, user interfaces, minimalist design, is obsessed with portrait photography, technical issues he can wrap his mind around and medium rare steak.

We share a love of design, a passion for our friends, breakfasts, suppers & celebrations, good music, mountain biking & amazing sense of humors.

Stuart Booked an amazing supper at WAFU in Green point the night before Jaimie’s birthday (as her birthday was on a Sunday), Under the pre-tense that it was for her birthday. Jaimie had one two many drinks & was quite tipsy by the time the meal was over, but it was perfect, sushi, the best fish Jaimie had ever had, mohitos & an amazing sun setting over the sea & robin Island.  Stuart than asked where Jaimie’s favorite place in Cape Town was & Jaimie said watching the city on signal hill or Table Mountain, so off they went.  It was such an amazing sunset, they had to turn around before even getting to the end of signal hill.  So they stopped half way down the road & watch as the city fell into darkness & all the lights started coming on.  It was so magical & soo windy!!

Jaimie walked a bit down the road to take photos & then once that was done, she rushed back to the car as she was freezing cold & was dying to get back into the car!!

Stuart came up behind her while she was tugging on the door handle screaming let me in, let me in!!! He said what are you doing, turn around silly. & when she whipped around to face him, he went down on one knee in the blowing wind.  Stuart started saying Jaimie Marie Stone… and Jaimie Said Yes you stupid idiot, get up & put it on my finger!!!! As he was standing up, she realized that she had ruined the moment & said – do it again do it again!!! so he started going down on one knee again to ask again & Jaimie said wait, all the tour buses are coming down from signal hill, you cant do it now!!! so they stood huddled next to the car in the freezing wind – Stuart holding the ring in clamped fingers from both hands to as not to loose it to the wind.

Jaimie then said, well you may as well put it on my finger, so he put it on while she studied it intently – it was so shiny & sparkly, even in the fading light.  Suddenly they realized that all the tour buses had left, so Jaimie shouted, now!! Doing it again now!!!

So Stuart went down on one knee & said – Jaimie Marie Stone, will you do me the honor of marrying me?  So Jaimie said yes thank you & Stuart put the ring on her finger & they kissed – elated with what they had just done.

They both then realized that they were shaking with cold & needed to get back into the car, but didnt want to leave the moment too soon, so jumped in the car & chatted excitedly about the ring for a few minutes.

Then Stuart said ok, lets go… Jaimie was very confused as to why they were leaving such a special moment behind, but Stuart was very certain that they had to do the next thing.

On the way, Jaimie’s parents phoned & seemly distracted her while Stuart drove to a nearby location that was very familiar to Jaimie.

They had arrived at a very good friends of theirs.  Stuart had organised a surprise engagement party for them at the friends house with champagne & balloons… It was almost unbelievable how much happiness & love was in the air that night!!!

What was really nice was that everyone gathered again for Jaimie’s birthday the next day to talk about the wedding & future plans:

We are more than over the moon to be getting married & think its about time we celebrated our love with everyone who has supported us through thick, thin, messy & clean. We would love to win a honeymoon to celebrate all our love together, as our budget is very tight & might not even get to have a honeymoon after the wedding.

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