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Janette and Ruan

[dropcap color=”rosy”]I[/dropcap]We got engaged on 3 January 2013. We went on holiday for a week to Zebula Golf and Spa Resort with Ruan’s family. Now we have been together for 3 years now and I have been waiting since last year for him to pop the question.  I even considered to do it for him. The entire weekend his family where talking about him not asking me and kept on nagging that he is not going to soon. I was so sad that entire weekend and just felt like giving up on ever getting married.

So the 3rd ofJanuary was our anniversary.  He told me that for the first time in 3 years he wants to do something special for me on an anniversary and we should wake up early to go for a picnic.

So the next morning we got up at 6 am and the weather was not looking to good so he said we should go for breakfast at the club house. But the club house only opens at 7 so we should go for a drive with the golf car. So we went to this lookout point that we go to every year and wrote our names in the lookout point when we first started to date but they rebuild it last year so he said we should go and rewrite it.

As we got in the lookout point he said that I should write out names and the date and the perfectionist that he is, wanted to do it better. As he finished,  and turned around he draw a ring next to it and when down on one knee. He gave this big speech (that I cant even remember half of it as I was so shocked) and I said YES…

Then we went for the breakfast at the club house.  I was just smiling the entire day. Was so happy and he was happy to see me that happy.


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