Janita and Marius

I’ve always wanted to get married. And when Marius and I got together I immediately knew he was the one. We started going out on the 1st of October 2011, which was already a sign of the fairy tale that was about to unfold, as the 1st of October has always been my favourite day of the year. Since then, our lives together have been amazing- we really are best friends. We just get each other. In April this year, Marius and I received some bad news though. He was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. On the 8th of May he went for his Thyroidectomy (removal of his Thyroid gland), in order to remove the large tumour that was attached to it. While he was in the operating room, his mom, dad and I sat in the hospital’s coffee shop and tried to stomach some sandwiches, while fighting back the tears. We just wanted him to come out and be OK- as it is quite a complicated and long operation. His mom’s face suddenly lit up, while she told me that when she is sad she thinks of the most beautiful place in the world and imagines that she is there. She asked me where my most beautiful place is. I told her that it is a wine farm in the Constantia Valley called Beau Constantia- a place where Marius and I went a few weeks before. Marius’s operation went well, and he made quite a speedy recovery. Within 3 weeks he was back at work. His positivity and strength amazed me throughout the entire ordeal. We however knew, that this wasn’t the end of this road we had to walk- there was still radiation therapy and a second operation waiting for him, along with a full body scan that would tell us if the cancer has spread to any other body parts. The days went on and we kept being positive and kept occupying our minds with other things. On my birthday (the 4th of June) Marius told me that I must keep the following Sunday morning open because he wants to take me for breakfast somewhere special in Houtbay. He didn’t want to say where though. That morning when we woke up, we listened to some music together and he brought me coffee in bed- it was a beautiful sunny winter’s day. We drove off for our breakfast. When we got close to Houtbay he suddenly turned around and said “hey we’re a bit early for our breakfast, let’s got to Beau Constantia and take some photos to kill some time.” When we got there, he quickly went to the bathroom while I took some photos. On our way out, he took me into this little room that also overlooks the valley- up to this point I still suspected nothing. And then I saw the roses on the table, and the champagne…and the envelope with my name on. When I opened it I realised what is going on- inside the envelope was an invitation to our wedding! He then held me tight and while we both trembling from head to toe, he told me how much he loved me and that he wants to be with me forever. He then took the bunch of roses on the table, went on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was beyond myself with happiness, and I cried as I said yes! He told me that he and his mom started planning this since that day of his operation, and his mom asked me where my most beautiful place is, in order to find out where he should propose. He also told me that his parents set up the roses and champagne that morning, just before we got there- so he was quite nervous that we might pass them on our way in. So sneaky! We then went for lunch with my family and his, and that night we had a braai with our close friends. (Everyone knew about the plans beforehand, by the way.) The very next day, Marius got the result of his full body scan that he went for the previous week. The cancer didn’t spread anywhere to the rest of his body, and he was now cancer free! And that was the best day of my life up to now. Thanks for reading our story. Janita and Marius

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