Jacquelene and Andrew

Jacquelene and Andrew

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]F[/dropcap]riday after work, Andrew had to work late and my mom and I decided to go for cocktails after work to kill some time. It was a beautiful day in George and we were sitting outside, enjoying the weather. While sipping on my strawberry daiquiri my mom got an emergency phone call! Cameron had an accident with his bakkie on the school grounds. Just so happen to be the same school where I matriculated.

We immediately got in to the car, rushed to the school sport field where the incident supposedly happened. My mom in – a frantic state and me stunned and flabbergasted – not really knowing what was going on, rushed through the tunnel beneath the pavilion and very strangely – one of Andrew’s and my favourite songs (Somebody like you by Keith Urban) started playing on the sound system very loudly. To my surprise Andrew was standing there, with a big bunch of flowers and a big smile. He said: “Hey love, I have a little present for you.” I had no words. He asked me to remove a red cloth from what I wasn’t sure what it was – and there it was… the car of my dreams (a white Fiat 500) filled with 50 helium balloons. By this time I was sobbing!!

I opened the door and let the balloons off into the sunset.

The song ( I think I wanna marry you by Bruno Mars) started playing. I sat behind the steering of my new car, overwhelmed by the gorgeous interior and filled with excitement I turned back to look at Andrew and he was down on his knee, holding out towards me (with shaky hands) the most gorgeous engagement ring ever.

The reality of it was overwhelming. I have been dreaming about it for years, and I couldn’t believe it was really happening.

And of course I said Yes, or something close to those words, and cried some more

The ring – shape of a camera, 2nd love of my life.

I could never imagine a more romantic and heartfelt proposal in all my life.

Thank you Andrew for making me the happiest girl in the world!

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