Jo and Ian

Jo and Ian

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The story of Ian and Jo starts long before they ever thought that a charming Afrikaans boy and a beautiful English girl could one day fall in love. They met each other 6 years ago, when fate decided it was time for them to cross each other’s paths. They met on a Contiki Tour through sunny Europe in July 2007, unaware of the powerful forces that were at work. Jo was 20 and living life (as a Rhodian should) to the fullest.  Ian was 21 and dreaming about changing the world as an aspiring engineer. It was his first time exploring the world beyond Southern Africa.

But before we can continue our tale, let us go back a bit as this love story starts even before they met. Although their tale does not have a fairytale beginning, it does have some rather Shakespearean twists. Jo had planned to tour Europe the year before they met, but fate had other plans. An unfortunate car crash, shattering her leg, left her wheelchair bound with a long recovery ahead. Determined to see Europe, she moved her travel plans to the next year. Meanwhile Ian, having forced himself into an extra year of studying (no thanks to his stellar maths marks), suddenly had some extra time during his July holidays. His sister convinced him that this was the ideal opportunity to go on a long awaited Contiki tour.

Eventually, having travelled 12000 kilometres from home, they met in Paris. For the next 21 days they were often seen at each other’s side, walking the streets of Venice, playing in the snow on Youngfrau Mountain and even running through the streets of Amsterdam.

Unfortunately, like all holidays, it had to end. And having gotten back to South Africa, they went their separate ways. But the universe was not finished with them.

Over the next 5 years they often bumped into each other. Be it away on holiday, in a random shopping centre or out with friends they always seemed to find one another!
Jo moved back to Pretoria to start teaching in November 2011. Ian and Jo hadn’t spoken or seen each other in months. About two days after she moved back, Ian called her. Her heart jumped. His heart was racing. They went for a drink and talked that entire night. Immediately they made plans to see each other over the December holidays. The excitement of seeing each other that December even lead to Ian crashing a Blackbeard family wedding. It wasn’t long before the flame was reignited between them. They became inseparable. Love had grabbed hold of them and they were bathing in its glory. The love grew stronger as the months passed and Ian finally knew that this was the girl for him (although he never doubted it for a second). After painstakingly careful planning, Ian asked Jo to marry him in December 2012. Jo was so exited she almost forgot that she actually had to say yes!

Now they are planning their dream wedding. God has brought them together and they would like to confess their love for each other and for Him. They are blessed with an abundance of friends and family, each who has played an important role in shaping them into the fantastic people they are today. If you are part of this wedding you will truly be a witness to something amazing.


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