Kate & Rudy

Before I begin the story a few bits of info: Kate and I are High School sweethearts and have been dating for 13 years(I had to be sure).
March is Kate’s Birthday month and during this time I had been working incredibly erratic hours.
When I decided it was time to make an honest woman of my girlfriend Kate, I decided she needed something special so I began planning a proposal that she would never forget.
I started talking to Kate’s mom about arranging a surprise birthday party for Kate ( not realizing the pressure I was about to get from her re. a proposal, but  I assured her no proposal was coming). With plans underway for Kate’s surprise birthday party, I started seeing a jeweler about Kate’s ring, armed with diamonds from her mom and Gold from her grandfather the ring itself was going to be super sentimental just needed to be finished off with a sapphire of my choosing, no pressure! Party plans under way, the ring was getting made, time for phase 2.
Chatting to an editing friend, we put together a montage of photo’s and some special words I had written on to a DVD to Bryan Adam’s “everything I do”(our song). Then off to Ster Kinekor for a chat. One of the things Kate and I love to do is sit in the cinema till the very end of the credits, it’s just a thing we do. I had arranged that the Montage be shown on the big screen! After a test meeting with SK all was good, game on!
The deed was all happening on a Friday and had depended on Kate getting the day off work. I had told her I had arranged tickets to a very special screening of a movie and after much persuasion she got the day off! That morning after a little white lie, ring was picked up, final arrangements for the surprise party were made and all was on schedule. A quick snack before the flick gave me excuse of, “Oh, I left my wallet in the car. Be right back.” allowing me the opportunity to grab the ring. Into the cinema, watch movie, the credits roll for what felt like the shortest credits in movie history. The lights brighten to signal the end for everybody else but this is only the beginning for me. Kate hears my voice over the speakers and instantaneously starts to cry. At this point though I realize that there are no visuals. I shout to the operator and the show restarts, which Kate later said was great  because she could compose herself and enjoy the moment. At the end of the DVD the words “Will you marry me?” appeared on the screen and before she answered she whispered, “You have to ask me” so in the middle isle in the cinema in front of some of the staff and my mate filming everything, on bended knee, ring box open, I asked the love of my life to marry me and she said “YES!!!”.
After all of that I had convinced her that we where going to dinner with our parents for her birthday and that we could tell them then, but we needed to stop by the surprise birthday venue to say thanks to a friend for making the DVD. We arrive at the venue and Kate was surprised to see all the people there and instantaneously started crying again.
After welcoming and thanking everybody, we hit them with the surprise of the engagement, which most people thought was going to happen at the party, Double wammy!
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