Kylie and Tyron

Kylie and Tyron

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]M[/dropcap]y (now) fiancè, Tyron and I met online almost a year ago. We chatted over email and bbm for about 2 weeks before we met face to face. He lived in the South of JHB and I was in the North, so we selected a meeting place half way for us both and went to The Food Lovers Market in Hill Fox Shopping Centre for breakfast. From the minute I saw him I knew he was different, but he needed a little more convincing 🙂 After 2 months of casual meeting and dates we made it official and became a couple. It didn’t matter where I took him and who we met, he just fitted in so well and my friends and family loved him from the word go. And for the 1st time in my life my boyfriend’s family loved and accepted me back. A couple of months later my birthday was coming up on the 15th November and all I wanted was Bon Jovi tickets. After much begging and pleading with him to buy them for us he claimed he had no money. Little did I know he had already bought me a Fossil Watch and and was in the process of designing an Engagement Ring! Boy was I annoyed that he had no money and couldn’t tell me why…. My mother was freaking out cos I was being so horrible to him about spending money we didn’t have as she was one of the few that knew his plans!

So on with my party, I decided to have a “Photo Picnic”. An informal un-posed photo shoot done by a friend of mine at Soul Photography. I invited 50 of my nearest and dearest friends as well as family and we all met at Delta Park on the 17th November for an afternoon of food and drinks and awesome company. It was a beautiful, hot Summer’s day and there were many other functions going on around us, all in picnic forms.

The photographers were so busy snapping away at all the jokes, laughter and me opening pressies I didn’t even realise Ty had disappeared. At around 2:30pm a close mutual friend of ours came up to me and said – “Kyles we have a surprise for you and I need you to put on this blind fold and ear muffs on and come stand with me over there under the umbrella”. My heart skipped a beat as I love surprises and I honestly thought that my brother, sister-in-law and my niece had come to surprise me from Cape Town.

While in my own world of swirling thoughts and what felt like hours but was only a few minutes ticked by, all I could think of was “is my brother really here”! Or what if its strippers – my Mom will die! 🙂 Ty was frantically running round giving everyone a red rose and telling them to make a circle around me. With filled champagne glasses, holding red roses, no one knew what was going on and some only had an idea, the photographers positioned themselves for the moment that changed my life forever.

Ian (our friend) grabbed my hand and led me into the middle of the circle (this I later saw) and told me to relax and keep breathing slowly – cos I was a little un-nerved by this stage.

Given the thumbs up by Ty (who was now on his knee in front on me with an open ring box) Ian removed the ear muffs and finally the blind fold. I blinked at the brightness of the sun and looked around me amazed at the roses and champagne and smiles on everyone’s faces. Time slowed in that moment and as I searched for my brother’s face, something caught my eye – My man on his knee in front of me – HOLY COW, HE’S PROPOSING my brain screamed and shock ran through my body. I gasped and grabbed my face in my hands and my one and only thought was

– OMG why didn’t I blow dry my hair!!!!

He looked at me through tears and said, “Baby – you are beautiful and amazing, and I tell you that everyday (which he does), Will you Marry Me?” I croaked “Yes” and with that he took the ring out the box with trembling fingers and placed the delicate, single .5 carat diamond with 1 pink sapphire on either side set on a white gold band on my finger and then threw his arms around me and we hugged for ages.

He had chosen the most perfect setting I could ever have dreamed of.

At my birthday party, in front of all our loved ones and we have the pictures of every moment from that glorious day. Smiles and hugs surrounded us and everyone congratulated us. The rest of that afternoon disappeared so fast I had to keep looking at my hand to remind myself it was all real. The Photographers gave us a quick and informal photo shoot on the house and I have attached a few pictures of you to see.

He has been a godsend to my life and I will cherish the memories he has given me in the last year and, especially on that day, forever.

Our wedding is in October this year in Knysna and I’m hoping this will highlight the next chapter of my life.


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