Lauren and Gregg

Lauren & Greg

24th December 2012, a very windy and humid day in Margate KZN. Gregg decided that he wanted to take the whole family (Mom, dad, Sister, Brother and Nan) for a spin in one of the planes at Margate airport. (He is a Pilot and gets antsy when he hasn’t got his fix for a few days) : )

Little did I know that this would be the setting for him to “pop the question”. Behind the scenes running up to this day, Gregg carefully went to each and every family member and asked for their consent and blessing in asking me to marry him. They of course said yes! 🙂

The family all became oscar worthy actors for the few days before the trip to the airport, telling me how nervous they all were to be going up in such a small plane, but how excited they were to experience it.

We got to the airport around lunchtime, and we sat on the deck at a restaurant inside the airport that overlooks the runway. Gregg left us to go do a few refresher spins, before he would land and take us.

After his last spin, a man came up to me and told me that I was up first. I was quite nervous, as this was the first time I was flying with Gregg and the plane was…let’s say…not exactly SAA or Kulula size, more like a matchbox with wings.

I jumped into the cockpit with Gregg, and off we taxied to the runway. He looked at me and asked if I was ready….I nodded yes, and off we went.

It was very windy that day, so the plane was a little unsteady on take-off, but once we were up and started climbing it leveled out and the ride was smooth.

The view was absolutely incredible, we flew along the coastline, looking for sharks and watching the beach goers below.

We headed towards Scott burgh, Pennington and flew over the golf course where Gregg and his late Grandfather (Louis) played golf when he was younger.

Gregg’s Grandfather’s and Grandmother’s (Joan) ashes were scattered here when they passed away, so the location is very special and sentimental in many ways.

We decided to head back towards the airport, when Gregg asked me to get a manual out of the black bag on the back seat, I was concerned as I didn’t understand what he would need a manual for!!! He should know how to fly this thing!!

I did as he asked and rummaged around the bag, unable to find the “manual”, looking at him confused, he said it’s in the little black box at the bottom of the bag……and that’s when I clicked.

He asked me to marry him in the most special way and of course my first thought was YES!!

BUT….instead I said “WHY?”.

We both started laughing because for a long time we’ve had a running joke, that one day when he asked me to marry him; he knew I would say WHY…..

I ask why ALL the time. Anything he does I say why, why is the sky blue, why are you doing that, why are you hungry, why why why…..

So naturally, I had to say why! But it was followed very quickly by a VERY excited Yes!

He skillfully flew the plane and slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger at the same time… and seconds later he said….NOW YOU FLY THE PLANE!!! Without warning he told me to take the wheel and fly! I was so overwhelmed by what happened that I couldn’t concentrate, and the plane just starting veering upwards until I just saw sky and no land! I immediately shouted that I couldn’t, and he took back control! Thank goodness!

The horizon came back into view and we continued towards the airport, with two huge smiles on our faces.

On landing the whole family was waiting and waving from the deck of the restaurant, we joined them and lots of hugs and tears were shared.

It was a truly incredible day that I will never forget!


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