Laurie-Anne & Clint


“Therefore what God has joined together, shall no man separate”

This is the perfect way to describe our union. Is it perfect and effortless and from the onset we were, and still are, hopelessly in love.

After years of waiting for that perfect someone, we were blessed with each other. We were faced with many trials throughout our relationship but our love always remained constant and kept growing deeper and more profound as time went by.

Clint and I have been together for 3 years. After years of bumping into each other, we happened to be in the right place at the right time where our paths crossed at a nightclub known as Livingroom and since then, we have been inseparable. We have been so blessed to have experienced so many beautiful things to date and now, we will be even more blessed as we prepare to spend the rest of our lives together.

Last year on October 15, 2012, we shared our 2 year anniversary. For the entire week leading up to this very exciting event, Clint kept me in suspense. By the time our anniversary eventually arrived, I would have been more than happy if we just spent the evening in each other’s company sipping on a glass of wine and just relaxing.

After the millionth time of asking what the plans were, he told me that we were going to Wembley in Belgravia for supper! I laughed and agreed that it should be fun and I’ll have a vienna’s and chips parcel with all of their sauces.

Eventually the end of the day had arrived and it was time for me to find out where Clint was taking me for supper. I got all dolled up at work while I waited. The weather was definitely not playing its part as it was completely overcast and cold in Rondebosch and of course, I was not prepared for this. Clint picked me up and off we went in the complete opposite direction to Wembley and I was slightly relieved that I would not be having vienna’s and chips as my 2 year anniversary meal! LOL

I was really anxious and nervous at this point and actually felt like a little girl waiting for a big surprise. We drove towards Camps Bay and as we came over the mountain the sky was clear and the sun was shining so brightly. It was definitely a beautiful site! Clint then opened the cubbyhole and gave me my sunglasses which I had obviously left at home that morning as I was not expecting the sun to be shining. I remember being so thankful and grateful at the same time at the fact that he had taken the time to get my sunglasses just in case I needed them.

A few minutes later, we arrived at The Ambassador Hotel in Bantry Bay as we would be having supper at the Salt Restaurant. I was beyond excited at this point as I had wanted to go to this restaurant for ages especially as it has such magnificent views from the window seats. I remember the weather was quite warm but Clint insisted that I take my jacket along just in case I get cold a bit later on. I agreed, and off we went to the restaurant with both of our jackets in hand.

We walked inside and Clint asked for the manager as he had reserved a table for the evening. WOW! Definitely more brownie points were granted and I was even more in awe of how much trouble he had gone through to ensure that this evening was perfect for us.

We sat down, ordered some wine and starters and just spoke while enjoying the beautiful views. Clint asked the waiter to take a few pics of us sharing our wine with the sunset in the background. By this time, I was so happy that I did not have a care in the world. We enjoyed supper and thereafter, Clint insisted that we share a dessert. I was so stuffed and had initially refused however, he suggested that we go for a walk downstairs to the pool area to watch the waves crash on the rocks as well as help our food settle and make space for the dessert.

At this point, the sun had gone down and Clint had insisted on both of us wearing our jackets. We got to the ground floor and as we walked out, Clint asked me what I had bought him as an anniversary present. I said I had bought the “Lincoln Park” tickets. I then asked him what he had bought me for our anniversary and he replied saying, “a card”. I looked at him and was confused. I responded saying, “well where is the card?” He then responded saying it is in his pocket. Now I was extremely confused as his pockets were definitely not big enough to hold a card… Anyway, we stood at the wall staring at the night sky and darkened waters just enjoying each other’s company and taking in every moment.

Clint then pulled this card out of his jacket pocket and asked me to stand under the outside lamp. He gave me strict instructions to read the card out loud but it was essential for me to read every single word out loud. I looked at him and agreed with what must have seemed like a “you must be loosing it” look on my face, however, I obliged.

The contents were as follows:

Envelope – To my Girlfriend & Best Friend. With Love xxx

Card – On our Anniversary – “Now and Always” the only two times I want to be with you. Happy Anniversary. So all that’s left to ask is… “WILL YOU MARRY ME”???? ……..Clint xxx

When my eyes fell onto the last line I was completely speechless… I turned around to see him down on bended knee and he uttered the 5 words that I have been dying to hear since our eyes first met! He said, “Baby, will you marry me?”

I was still speechless and just kept nodding while he put the ring on. I experienced a whirlpool of emotions and I remember him saying to me, “Baby, you need to actually say yes.” I barely had a voice but I said “Yes”.

Looking back now and remembering the way we both felt that night as well as the first time we exchanged our first kiss, it was undeniably magical in every way and we can honestly say that we cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives loving each other!


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