Lee & Keith

Keith and I met 10 years ago (in 2003) – I was working for a Fruit and Veg Supplier at the time and Keith was Managing a Pizza Shop – he would phone to order stock and we would chat and eventually decided on meeting. I walked into his place of work at the time (so short I was literally hanging onto the counter to see over) – I had fallen in love with the man of my dreams at first sight, his bright sparkling blue eyes, dark hair and welcoming smile – our friendship grew from there – I was silently infatuated with him but never said how I felt. The years went by and we lost contact for a while – I had made peace with the fact that there would never be anything more than friendship and moved on and at the time I think we were both in 2 different places in our lives.
Keith and I randomly bumped into one another one night in 2009 and had kept in contact ever since.
In late 2012 I needed a place to stay for a while and without a hesitation or blink of an eye Keith warmly welcomed me in. He helped me through a time when I had lost all faith in people that I had I held close to my heart, disappointment and sheer anger. Being house mates we started doing a lot together like we had so many years ago and a love that had always been there blossomed into a love that I have never experienced before and it wasn’t long before we were officially a couple.
It was the last week in June 2013 and earlier in the week Keith had said we where going threw to Sunday’s River for the day as it was Andy’s Birthday, Keith’s Sister Bev’s Boyfriend – I hadn’t thought anything funny of it because we would often spend weekends out at the house on the river with the family, braaing, fishing, and going out on the boats on the river.
Keith was quieter than normal that morning and on the drive out but I hadn’t thought much of it as I was tired and tried to sleep in the car on the way down.
We got to the house – things seemed slightly unorganised which is not like Bev but I just thought that it was “one of those days”. Birthday Presents for Andy were out and we awaited the rest of the family and guests to arrive.
Bev said her and Andy needed to go to the shop before Andy’s Parents arrived but Mark (Keith’s Nephew) and Kirstin (Mark’s Girlfriend) had gone out to the dunes on one of the boats and didn’t have their cell phones on them and could we please take Andy’s Boat and go find them before Kirstin’s Parents arrived.
Keith and I went down to the boat, I was holding the boat before jumping on while Keith tried to start the boat – looking at his hand – he was shaking like a leaf which I thought was odd because he has a Skippers License and asked what was wrong (thinking he might be nervous of damaging the boat as it was not his) and he said he was just battling to get the key into the ignition to start the boat. I jumped on and off we went. We saw Mark’s boat ankered below the dune. Keith got out and I just sat and remained in the boat, he said well aren’t you coming with and I looked at him and said no – I’ll wait here – very determined to stay planted where I was –  Keith said I had to get out of the boat because he needed help to pull into on the shore so it didn’t float away – I reluctantly got out the boat to help – I thought well now that I’m out I might as well climb the dunes to help look for Mark and Kirstin.
I’m climbing the monstrous dunes and I’m huffing and puffing, moaning and mumbling under my breathe and thinking to myself where in the world have these kids gone and just wait until I find them! As I’m about to throw my hands in the air, collapse and pack in the search I stand to take a breathe of air and the words “I hope you never make me climb dunes like this to propose to me one day” start coming out of my mouth and silently start to fade as 2 dunes ahead I see my name written in huge letters on a sand dune and still not clicking as to what was going on and I still thought to myself why is my name in the sand? And thinking that some kids had been playing around in the sand earlier. I took 2 more steps up and saw “LEE WILL YOU MARRY ME” written in the dune with a huge bouquet of roses and champagne – I can’t even tell you what I said next or what I did but I clearly remember Keith’s warm, loving smile and his bright sparkling blue eyes looking at me with a love I cannot describe. The walk towards the 2 sand dunes ahead were quick and effortless even though they were as large the 1st dune that I climbed  nothing could bring me down from the air that I was walking on. Keith got down on one knee and took out My Dream Engagement Ring which means The mark of everlasting love, the promise of the future and the devotion of two lives. A timeless design that perfectly captures the essence of commitment. Two bands, united by one beautiful diamond that becomes a symbol of forever. The Millennium Diamond Ring. And asked “Lee, Will You Marry Me” – without even having to think about my answer I said yes! Looking to the back of us Mark and Kirstin had been a couple of dunes back recording a video and taking photos right from the monstrous walk up (we have those special moments and memories to last us for a lifetime which not many people do have and I am so grateful and they are so precious – my mom had Our Proposal Photograph blown up and framed and its hanging in our house). We popped the champagne, spent time together and then drove back to the house and the whole family was standing on the jettie with bottles of champagne to congratulate and celebrate. Keith had secretly collected my ring from the Jeweler the previous week and asked my parents for My Hand in Marriage. It was not Andy’s Birthday, Kirstin’s Parents where never on their way and unbeknown to me at the time Andy’s Parents don’t even stay in town – well played everybody – well played! After champagne and congratulating we left the house (me thinking we were on our way home back to Port Elizabeth) but 10 minutes into the drive (still being bewildered and bowled over with surprise and excitement) I realized that we weren’t taking our normal route home – I asked where we were going but apparently there was one more surprise. Keith had booked us into the Addo Elephant National Park for the remainder of the weekend. I was in ore. There is nothing quite as stirring as the sight of a lion, elephant or rhino roaming free in the bush;  as haunting as the sound of a hyena laughing in the dead of night;  as electrifying as the tension one feels when following spoor along a dry riverbed.
It then dawned on me that I hadn’t packed a bag, I hadn’t arranged for anyone to look after our dogs – My Amazing Fiancé had oragnised and planned every to The T – had packed clothes and toiletries etc for me and hidden everything underneath the car seats so I wouldn’t pick up on anything earlier in the day! He had arranged Doggies Sitters to stay at the house and look after our babies. Keith battles to keep surprises and I hadn’t picked up on a thing – not once did he let anything slip.
 It was the most amazing and memorable day – one that I hold very close to my heart and will always treasure. I wanted that day to last forever – if I had a remote control to hit rewind and play I would do it all over again – everyday.
I marry the man of my dreams – October 2014 and I cannot wait to walk down the aisle knowing that I am going spend the rest of my life with such an Amazing Man – I love him more and more every day and I cherish every moment I am given with him and all the moments that turns into special memories – God had blessed me with My Soul Mate and I am thankful each and every moment of every day. Keith looks after me, protects me, always puts my needs and wants before his, he has helped me grow in so many ways, he encourages and supports me, when I think there’s no hope left he is my ray of sunlight that gives me strength to carry on (and I could go on forever) but most of all has a love for me and I a love for him that I know is stronger than any other and will only grow stronger as the days pass. I thank God every day for blessing me with the a man who taught me to love again and showed me what it is truly like to be loved and appreciated. I without a doubt have Most Amazing Man whom I have always loved and will always love! Forever and Always.
Dreams Really Do Come True.


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