Leonie & Dave

We went away fot a week to Durban and were staying in a mates cottage. We drove down from Johannesburg and when we got to durban we spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for a costume as he strangely had plenty time to shop.
The next morning early he said we were iff to the beach to start our holiday and so I dressed accordingly.  We arrived by a beachfront and he suggested we park at ushaka ad its safe. Me being security worried said sure. We parked and started heading off to the beach. We walked past the entrance and decided to stop and find out how much entry was. So while he was finding out I went to the bathroom.  When I got out he was standing by customer service and they seemed to be waiting for me. I followed them and was shocked to be at the dolphin encounters.  Wow!!!we started the dolphin encounter with another 2people . Before it ended the lady sent Kelpy the dolphin away and he came back carrying a blue and yellow cannister around his fin. He swam to me so I took the canister and opened it . When I opened it I found a rolled up note which read “will you marry me?” , I almost fell into the water and turned to look at Dave who was on one knee holding a ring and heard him ask me and I said YES! !!! All the trainers were now out as well as spectators watching the dolphin experience.

(I didnt really know the dolphin well enough to say yes to it hee hee ) it turns out he asked for my hand by offering plastic cows to my brother hee hee

It was a moment ill never forget. Best part was also that all of it was caught on camera and video.


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