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Letitia and Casper

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]W[/dropcap]e got engaged on the 29th of September =) It was the prettiest, most romantic proposal that I will never EVER forget.  I was feeling very negative and depressed on the days leading to the Saturday.  Having to work on a weekend has never been fun at all.  So the Friday, while sitting outside, I was complaining about having to work, and threatening to phone my boss, to make up an excuse. As to which my boyfriend, very quickly, replied that I HAVE to go to work on Saturday, saying it will be over so quickly, and then I will be at home and we will have some fun.

Saturday morning came, i went to work, and eventually it was home time.  My boss tried to chit-chat with me, asking me all kinds of funny questions, but I eventually escaped, so I was on my way home.

When I got home there was a rose with a card on the door.  I opened the card, and it said that I have to go around the back gate.  I got to the back gate to find another rose with a card stating that I have to collect all the roses and cards to be able to get into the house.  There were roses scattered all over the pathway, and music playing softly in the background.  I came around the corner to find the porch beautifully made up with roses candles and a table set properly with a bottle of champagne.  Underneath a cake dome, was another rose and card, asking me to sit down, relax, listen to the music and have a glass of champagne because I deserve it.  I sat down, now very excited, had a sip, and got up to move to the door, when i figured out I left my house keys in the car.  I was so nervous and excited, i didn’t see that the gate was not locked.  So I got up, quickly went to the car, fetched my keys, just to get back to find the door open.  There was rose petals scattered all over the floor, candles everywhere, and another cake  dome with a card and rose  saying that I have now collected all four roses, 1 = Love. 2 = Hope. 3 = Us. 4 = God, and that I must follow the trail of petals into my room. I got to my bedroom door, opened it, to find a heart shaped black board hanging from the bed, asking me to marry him.  I started crying, he came out of the bathroom, all dressed up, went down on one knee, and proposed to me officially.  I was shaking so much that he struggled to get the ring on my finger and I think I only said yes after what seemed like ages!  After that we sat outside having champagne and actually laughed about some of it.  It was he who asked my boss to try and keep me longer!!  And he said he got such a shock when I walked away to go get me keys!! (he could see me from the bedroom window)  He had no idea what was going on =)  So after letting everyone know, he made me an amazing three course meal and we just sat and spoke for hours, admiring my ring =P.

We are getting married on the 3rd of May 2014!  I cannot wait =)



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