Liana and Quinton

Liana & Quinton

My engagement story starts out as a normal day with a date night on Saturday 20 October 2013 (thinking I was being spoilt because I would be going for a minor operation 2 weeks from then)

First, my best friend books a nail and hair appointment for me for no reason, thinking she was just being really sweet. )Trust me to paint them candy pink!

Then at 5pm my fiancé fetches me and we start our evening with drinks and a snack at Cubana… however he says we need to leave promptly at 7  because we have a reservation for supper at a specific place that cannot be named… and me not asking questions as he always has something up his sleeve. All this rushing in between him running to the restroom every 5 minutes J haha

We leave there at about 20 to 7 and arrive at a beautiful little boutique Hotel called the Andros Hotel in Claremont. We are escorted to a quaint little room and he tries every effort to have my back facing the door.. then orders me a drink and has me seated in this little room… He’s always full of surprises, so I just go with it

A few seconds later, he says he’ll be right back as he forgot his wallet in the car.. I wait…

When he comes back he leads to me a beautiful outside area with an incredible little garden, has a table and chair brought to deck and asks me to stand. With no one in sight at all, the takes my hand and turns my back to the garden behind me and starts talking about our past and how much he loves me and then goes on to tell me that he would have really loved to get me the ring I wanted and says “BUT I have something to tell you”  then he points at the garden behind me and there were all of my closest friends and family turning around one by one with a very special request… each woman with a letter on specially made t-shirts and each guy with my favourite flower, a lily… In shock I turn around and he’s on 1 knee with my ring. With tears in his eyes he said “Liana will you marry me” all I did was cry and nodded my head with hearts in my eyes… then my first words after I mustered up the strength to talk was “Have you asked my daddy” hehe  J with my loved ones screaming and all teary eyed in the background.

One of the most amazing feelings ever captured on camera and video !

I gave him my heart, now he’s giving me his last name


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