Lisa and Stephan

Lisa & Stephan

[dropcap color=”rosy”]M[/dropcap]y Boyfriend / Childhood Sweetheart / Now Fiance surprised me with thee most unique, unexpected and amazing proposal all but 2 weeks ago today 🙂

It was Thursday the 28th of Feb and I had finished a hard days work when we went shopping at Woolies. He was so calm the entire time and I was completely clueless as to how my Thursday eve would turn out.

I walked into the house to find a table set out with bubbly, roses, photos, the date (as I am very over dates) and neon cupcakes spelling out “Will You Marry Me?” In Scrap book letters 🙂 with my ring of course.

I was completely shocked.

We have been together since June 2008 and have history from 1997 and 1998 <3

He gave a lovely speech as to how there is only one person for him and got down on his knee and asked me for my hand in marriage.

It was magical and the ring, well… One of a kind and specially designed for mwa 😉 Heart shaped diamond and all <3

Lisa and stephan

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