Lisa and Wayne

Lisa and Wayne

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]I[/dropcap]ts April 2012. After 3 years together and both us being anti – marriage for as long as we knew each other, were off on our first real holiday in years.

I had planned the trip, where would eat, sleep and what we would see as wayne had travelled alot while working as a photographer on the cruise ships and he wanted this holiday to be totally my choice. All our friends knew and even at my birthday a week before we left everyone kept the secret.

We went to Rome and it was amazing, The atmosphere, the architecture and the seemless way that the modern city life fell into this magical place filled with so much history.

After Rome it was time for the place I was looking forward to more than anywhere. Sorrento. A small italian town, with a small boutique hotel on the top of this cliffs over looking the bay and island of Capri. The people were friendly, our italian driver was like the crazy one you see in the movies. It was simply the the most beautiful place I had seen in my life.

Wayne had planned to propose in Venice which was our next destination but when he saw my love for the small italian town he changed his plans. We went on a trip to Capri, did the tourist 101 thing and it was nearing the end of the day trip but he turned to me and as if I had ever been on a cable chair way, explaining there was this cable chair system that would take us up to the highest point of the island and we could see the whole bay from there.

We went up and I can honestly say the view was breathtaking. Wayne had his camera with him, we always take timed photos together so he was messing about with camera, the clouds had rolled in for the afternoon and it was starting to drizzle. I didnt care I was to mesmerised by how stunning the view was.

He placed me over looking the bay and ran to go press the button on the camera, I looked away for a second to take it in before the pose. Next thing I know he comes sliding in on one knee, to ask me just in time for the camera to take the photo.

I was shocked, then happy and then it really started raining. we didnt care, we opened this bottle of champagne he had taken from the mini bar that tasted like old feet, drank kissed and its like in the movies when all of sudden there was no one but us. I had just gotten engaged to my person in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


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