Lizelle and Johan

Lizelle and Johan

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]W[/dropcap]e’ve been together for 5 years and by this time I just gave up hope on ever getting engaged. We whet camping with my family and my boyfriends family like we do every year since 2009. It was a cold rainy Christmas eve and like every year we do a secret santa to only one family member (we drew names 4 weeks earlier. I was playing santa this year and gave every ones gifts to them. As I finished we all started opening presents just when I was done johan grabbed me by my hand and pulled me up and just there went on his knees in front of every one….I was dumbed struck when he asked me to marry him all I could say was HUH? He even repeated his question I said YES and burst out in tears followed by my mother and his mother. There I was standing on the camp site bare feet in the sand no make up, my hair a mess and the red cutex chipping from my nails…and still he made me feel like a princess. We are engage for 2 weeks and still in love like 5 years ago.

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