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Lynette and Pieter

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]W[/dropcap]e got engaged on Saturday the 8th October 2011 at Maitlands Beach in Port Elizabeth. Here is how it all took place… I am a mother of 4 daughters…their current ages are 14, 16, 18 & 20

I met my now Fiance in the year of 2009 but we were just chatting then…I was working for an accommodation agency and he was here on business from PTA and he was to go back but things took a complete 360 and he never went back and we just fell completely crazy in love with each other

The morning  was a regular Saturday for me – woke up made us coffee and He went off to the office to get some work done and I got busy with cleaning the home and getting my chores done that never end

As the afternoon progressed I was finishing off as we were going to watch the rugby and light a fire…well that’s what I thought – However my oldest daughter stopped in at home just past 3pm the afternoon from her work shift and my youngest daughter had just been dropped off as she had slept out the night before….well this all just  happened very fast because as the youngest got dropped of the older daughter pulled in and grabbed a couple of towels and said they were headed to the beach and with them going out my Boyfriend at the time drove in….

Said he wanted to go to the beach so I said well the girls have just left we could meet up with them down at the beach – so we started locking up house & I grabbed the cooler box to put a couple of coolers in 2 find the regular 1 we would use was’nt there – enquired but can’t remember what story he gave me – jumped in the van and off we went – stopped at the shop and got a few coolers along our way…

When we got to Maitland’s Beach we got out and started to head for the water as I’m a complete beach bum – while walking on the sand I hear what sound exactly like my youngest daughter Taylor’s laughter – so I say to him “I hear T” – he looks at me as if i’m mad as you don’t see a child in sight – there were some fisherman on the rocks… we got further down I noticed a big beach towel that looked exactly like mine and a cooler box that looks exactly like the 1 that is missing from home and some goodies on it and a humungus bunch of beautiful  roses…so I say oh we guna picknik for the afternoon….we sit down on the towel and he poures us a drink…ahead of me there is a bottle in the sand that looks exactly like the 1 I have in my bathroom from a previous event and the theme was message in a bottle…so i tell him that looks like mine and i get up and run to it…i dig out the bottle and inside is this purple rolled up letter…I tell you something now my heart is just frikken pounding a gazillion miles a split second….I take out my letter and begin reading it and as i’m reading it I start to turn my back to him as now the tears are just rolling down…

This is the note He wrote to me…I will also attach a pic of it:

He is so Afrikaans and I am so English – I will spell it as he has written it….to precious!

Lynette Anne

Life has its ways of working with us, since I sit foot in PE my life has turned around

When I met you my hart skipped beats and my knees gave in as I could not believe what I see infront of me, a absolute beautiful woman with a hart of gold.

Time with you has been a roller coaster bit 1 thing I can say is the Love I started to feel for you has grown so much that nothing greater or bigger in this world is going to make that go away.

Baby, with all of Me and all of My Love I will stay and Live a life that we never die

With this said and with my Love for you

I Pieter Grobbelaar

Want to say……..

And as I had read those final words I turned around and there he was standing and asked for my hand in marriage…shit I was crying so much I smacked him and before saying yes I said “why you make me cry”

And low and behold the “Awesome Foursome” – My Girls where all there to witness this amazing day that He had planned with all of them which made this so much more meaningful in so many ways for our new whole Family

And my ring He and had it designed with a Goldsmith in PTA…it’s 1 of a kind…

And it’s now 2 yrs down the line and we are crazier than ever over each other and planning toward our day…

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