Madeleine and Guilherme

Madeleine & Guilherme

[dropcap color=”rosy”]I[/dropcap]t gives me great pleasure to share with you how my fiancé proposed to me. Last year December we went on holiday to Hartenbos for 2 weeks. On the 29th of December there were a concert at the Hartenbos amphiteater where Kurt Darren, Bobby van Jaarsveld and Riana Nel sang.

We where a big group attending the concert and I was so excited to see Bobby van Jaarsveld on stage as I am a big fan of him. When we arrived at the venue it was packed there were more or less 10 000 people attending the concert, we struggled to find parking. As we found parking my boyfriend at the time tried to distract me by telling me to look out for the other people that were joining us I thought it was quite odd as we discussed to meet each other in side on the stands. He put on his jacket another odd thing as it was boiling outside but I didn’t think anything of it as I was feeling ill the day and sleeping most of it I thought it was his turn to feel a bit ill.

As we eventually found seats were we had a nice view, we waited for the rest of the crowed to join us and then went to go and buy some drinks. Well he downed his first drink also not thinking anything of it as it was boiling outside and we were waiting in a long line to finally getting the drinks. Now eventually we are watching the show and Riana Nel is on stage and the next moment he asked me if I wanted to go to the loo and I’m like no it can wait I want to watch the show and off he went to the loo. Well he stayed away a long time not thinking much as there were allot of people and Kurt Darren just came off the stage and were signing autographs. When he came back he said the reason why he took so long is because he met Kurt Darren and Bobby was standing on the side and so he met him as well and he told him what a big fan I was of him and it will mean allot to me if I could just meet him. So he took me down to the stage to meet Bobby van Jaarsveld and telling me that we have also won a bottle of wine which Bobby will give us on stage and I’m obviously so excited not worrying about the bottle of wine as I don’t drink but just to meet Bobby. When we got to the stage entrance we received another arm band to enter that part of the stage. Now we are standing at the steps of the stage and I’m so nervous to go on stage receive the bottle of wine but of course to meet my favourite singer of all times.

The next moment they call me on stage and I’m holding on to my boyfriends hand thinking that he will come with me well I was thinking wrong he just pushed me forward to go on stage on my own. Now I’m standing on stage on my own and the guy tells the audience to give me a warm welcome for standing on stage no specific reason and I’m thinking to myself: what I’m here for the bottle of wine and meeting Bobby van Jaarsveld and no you telling me I’m standing here for no reason, you must be kidding me. As I turned around to look and see what the hell is happening and I just want to get off the stage my boyfriend walks up on the stage now I’m thinking ok then Bobby will follow after him well there was no wine and no Bobby. And the next moment he dropped down on one knee with the box with the ring in one hand and the mike in the other. And he proposed to on stage telling me that I knew this day will come and will I make him the happiest man to give my hand in marriage to him and to become his wife. I was so shocked not expecting this at all that I immediately burst into tears and just nodding my head and telling yes of course I will marry you. He made me the happiest woman by choosing me to spend the rest of his life with him. When we came off the stage Bobby was there standing on the edge of the stair case congratulating us with our engagement and telling me through how must trouble my fiancé went to organise this while I was sitting and watching the show not expecting a thing.

Still in shock I’m admiring my beautiful ring and the only thing that I could say is where is our bottle of wine? Hehe Well now we are happily engage and the fun part of planning our wedding lies in front of us. I just can’t wait for our big day to finally become his wife.

I hope you enjoyed the story of our proposal.

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