Manja and Jonathan

Before I start I would like to tell you a tiny bit about my fiance and I. I am an Afrikaans-kaalvoetkind born and raised in Durbanville, Cape Town – where I spend the majority of my life – in High School my friends set me up on a (at that time according to me “cruel”) blind date with this Argentinian-spanish-speaking-can-hardly-speak-english (nevermind afrikaans) stranger. Somehow we managed to get through that tall language barrier and funny cultural ways – and 6 years later we are still inseparable.

In 2012 as part of my studies as an Occupational Therapist, I had to complete my community service (“zuma”-jaar) in Kimberley in the Northern Cape. In a tiny green-overloaded green golfie my fiance (then boyfriend) and parents drove me 1000 kilometers towards the Groot Gat 🙂 where I was left (without my family and fiance) at the mercy of 365 calendar days. Boere, skoffel, scary-as-hell-thunder, The Half way house and goats in the road became my reality – but 12hour busrides from hell 1000 kilometers heading towards table mountain became my salvation.

On my fiance’s birthday, I took yet another grueling 12hour busride back to Cape Town (for two days only) to see him on his special day. I arrived feeling tired, sticky, make-up smudged and closterfobic, yet somehow he still managed to convince me to go for breakfast in public. We have been speaking about that day for months as I have been deprived of the ocean and beach (my favourite place on earth – always told him I was a pirate in my frist live) we decided to go the beach come hell or high water. Before leaving Tygervalley he convinced me to go to the shops as I have only brought poofy-winter-clothes and it seemed like a warm spring day. He bought me the most beautiful dress and convinced me to wear it.

Excited for the day we hopped in his car and headed towards the beach – along the way he was quiet (but he always says its cause he is concentrating) and I didnt mind as I was recovering from bus-lag. Along the way he asked me if I have any beach in mind – as usual I answered I dont mind. We drove to llandudno beach and like a kid I hopped and ran across the beach. We walked along the beach, while catching up – as per usual I was rambling on when he suddenly stopped to point to something in the sand. As I was not wearing my glasses, I didnt really notice the old bottle in the sand that he was pointing to. He told me to pick it up, to which I answered no you pick it up as he was closest to the bottle. He handed me the bottle, only then I noticed an old pirate-map-like paper sticking out of the bottle. I took it out and read the letter that was hand written in an old style. At that point tears was streaming down my face as he wrote down our entire love story and ended the letter “by the time you read this part, I should be on my knee, baby please say yes”. When I looked up he was on his knee – holding out a shell with the most beautiful pearl-and-diamond (I wanted something different and love pearls) ring and asked me to marry him. After sobbing like a kid, I said “ofcourse” and the rest is history.

I was so shocked and thrilled that I did not notice my mom and my future mother in law peeking out from behind the bushes behind us. They prepared a picnic right on the beach just for the two of us, after which we drove to Cape Point for the most amazing lunch. On our way back we stopped to watched the sunset and ended the day celebrating with our families. Our date is set for 28 Feb 2014!!

CT Manja

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