Manuella and Jacques

Manuella and Jacques

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]O[/dropcap]n the 2nd of Feb 2013 my boyfriend and I took a lovely holiday to Mauritius @ Le Canonier Hotel.

Sunday the 3rd Feb, the next day after our arrival, we woke up early had breakfast and were ready to go explore the beautiful place!

I remember wanting to get a henna tattoo and we asked around, eventually one of the Mauritians selling things on the beach told us to take a walk along the beach by Club Med and ask for a lady (Can’t remember what her name was) who will be able to do the henna for me. So we decided that we would go to back to our hotel room – My fiancés idea – and get changed and get fresh towels before we go for our stroll. After we left the hotel room my fiancé asked if we could have a drink at the bar before we left – Me not knowing how nervous he was, shame – I ordered a pina colda and he ordered 2 Draft beers – But I still didn’t notice a thing. He downed those 2 beers, and I just though he must be very thirsty and just preparing for a long walk! LOL

We started our stroll along the beach and wow was it beautiful, blue crystal clear water and white baby powder soft sand! When we got to the Club Med beach we asked for the Henna Tattoo lady and were told that she wasn’t there and we should come back the following day…. So we headed back. On our way walking back we found an amazing spot on the beach where we decided to stop and tan. My fiancé sat down and decided to tan Topless and took off my bikini top, and lay against him on his lap…. Facing the ocean…. He then started played a song from his phone, the song from Adam Sandlar’s  Wedding Singer – I wanna grow old with you song. I thought it was so romantic of him J, towards the end of the song he brings his hand to my face with black box and in the box the most beautiful ring that he designed and had specially made, and asks me “ So baby do you wanna grow old with me?” I am speechless and burst into tears! Shame he got so worried cause I didn’t say anything that he asked “soooo baby? What do you say?” And I just said “Yes! Of course I will” ,crying so more…

It was so romantic and soooo special!




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