Marlene and Shaun

Marlene and Shaun

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]W[/dropcap]e had been dating for 9 months (November 2010 it started)

My birthday is the 16 August, so for 2011, I was turning 33 yrs old not a major year, but hey yet another year older…hehehehe.

Shaun & I were working & living together, so as usual we  left the office together and yip we had to go do the usual daily grocery shopping (on the 15th August 2011.)

Shaun was not too sure how to get rid of me so he could go do what seemed to be birthday gift shopping for me, We worked in Sandton City.

Shaun says ok you go up to car so long, I need to pop to Clicks. So that’s what happens.

He gets back to the car bearing the most stunning bunch of red roses & some bubbly, as you can imagine I’m grinning from ear to ear.

I asked (jokingly) who’s that for so he say no for my other girlfriend.

We arrive home …

He hands me the flowers asking me to put them in a vase, I lean in for a kiss to say thanks they beautiful, he says no really they not for you (BUT I KNOW FOR A FACT THEY ARE) and then he sends me off to the shops saying he needs some alone time, needs about an hour to sort a few things out.

Off I go to shop, to get something to knock up for dinner.

Here’s the juicy part…

I get home sooner than he expected, so he say no don’t go into the lounge why don’t you go have a bath & I will start dinner.

Okkie Dokkie, off I hop into the bath at least I’m off the hook for sorting dinner (Phew)

Once I’m done in the bath, he calls me to the lounge door… NOW he seems very stressed and nervous saying he needs to tell me something.

I notice the flowers have moved from where they were, so I knew something was up but HAD NO CLUE WHAT WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN.

After all it’s only been 9 months dating.

He passes me a whisky and knocks his whiskey back in one sip, I asked are you ok? He opens the lounge door and says let’s sit.

Now I notice he is all teary eyed, there are the roses and the bubbly on the centre table.

I said ag my love you shouldn’t have gone through all this effort it’s only a simple birthday.

Then he gets more nervous…

Then I noticed next to the vase of roses is a little box wrapped up.

Ok now I’m getting nervous….

So I go for the card first, Shaun says NO No No, please I can’t anymore, open the gift first.

And what was in the little box?

An engagement ring J in the inside part of the box lid, a note saying  “Will you marry me”

He turns to me (both of us crying now) says HAPPY BIRTHDAY my Angel, So is that a YES ? He askes

Which of course it was and we sealed it with a KISS.




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