Michelle and Andrew

Michelle & Andrew

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]M[/dropcap]y soul mate and best friend proposed to me on the 19th of October 2012 and this is the beginning of our fairy tale:

On Friday afternoon my boyfriend, Andrew, was on his way to one of our friend’s houses to assist him with his new Jacuzzi and patio furniture. None the wiser I bought myself some sushi and had a little bit of “me time” at home in Hartbeespoort. The next moment there was a loud knock on the front door, and when I opened it, there was only a little envelope on the front porch…..

“Welcome to the bachelor game! Your bachelor is a 32 year old gentleman who shows qualities of passion, love and commitment to the one he loves.

He has dark hair, brown/green eyes and is a well groomed person.

To participate in this game, you are required to follow a trail of critical clues which will lead you to the top of his heart.

So get dressed in something warm, yet comfortable, which will lead you to new heights. You have exactly 30 minutes, stating now, to receive your next clue, which you will find at the place where we had our first anniversary.”

I had to read the card a few times to actually be able to comprehend the words written on it. I had no idea what to expect or where this “game” would lead me. I got dressed and started my journey – actually packed a water bottle because I didn’t know how far or long I was going to travel.

I arrived at Siesta (the Spanish restaurant in Hartbeespoort where Andrew and I celebrated our first anniversary), not knowing that “spies” where checking my every move and reporting back to Andrew. At Siesta, I walked in and a table with guests stopped me and asked if I was Michelle. They then gave me a snow globe with my next clue and wished me luck…

“You have accomplished the next step & you are closer to meeting the bachelor.

You have 10 min to retrieve your next clue as from 14:50 you will find your next clue at Bugatti’s”

I got in my car and drove to Bugatti’s at the bottom of the cable car centre in Hartbeespoort. My heart was pounding and telling me that today my life is going to change, but still there was a little voice inside my head saying: “ He’s not proposing today, I would have known…”

I arrived at Bugatti’s and walked to the restaurant. I did not know what to do, who to ask for or what to say. Luckily the manager was standing ready with my next clue and told me to proceed to the gates leading to the cable cars. My worst fear: traveling alone on an airplane, in an elevator or on a cable car. The next clue read:

“To get to the bachelor, you will need to face a fear alone for one last time….

Please take your ticket & proceed….”

I got into the car, by myself, and travelled the quiet, but yet calming journey to the top of the mountain. The whole time in the car, complete silence, I thought to myself “How did I get so lucky? “ , the fear I had was completely gone and I couldn’t wait to finally see my bachelor.

When I arrived at the top of the mountain, I was welcomed by the operator by name and he instructed me to walk along the footpath at the front of the mountain. As I walked, I saw my prince, standing all by himself, waiting for me!!!!

I got to him and he gave me the biggest, reassuring hug. I wish I could remember everything he said from that moment on, but the moment was so big and the tears started flowing while he asked me on one knee to be his partner for life. I immediately said yes!!! He then told me to turn around, and there I saw him, our own personal photographer (close friend) capturing every moment from a distance…

We then moved to the bar on the mountain and had a well-deserved cocktail and started chatting about the whole day and how he managed to keep this big secret. Andrew asked me if I would have changed anything or added anything to the day and I said “No, it is perfect!”. After an hour or two we travelled together down the mountain – never alone again.

At the bottom we decided to have a pizza at Bugatti’s – not knowing that my husband-to-be has another plan up his sleeve.

We left and decided that we will go show the new ring and share the excitement with friends of ours that live in Hartbeespoort. When we arrived at their complex we drove directly to their house but no one answered the door. We decided to walk around to the front gate, on the way there I saw people standing at the complex club house with lit wish lanterns. I was in awe and so tempted to go and watch, but I did not want to intrude. My fiancé then said we should go and have a quick look, we won’t bother anyone – and guess who was holding all the lanterns – my closest friends and family all the way from Pretoria…

He knew how important this day would be to me and how much I wanted to share it with my friends and family.

And the rest is history. We will be getting married in August 2013 at Red Ivory in Hartbeespoort, around the corner from where we got engaged. I have truly met my “person” and finally know what love is. I am the luckiest girl in the world …..

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Michelle and Andrew

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