Monique & Diego

When my boyfriend and I started to talk about getting married, he decided to show me how serious he was by talking to my parents and asking for their blessing. In November 2011, he took me ring shopping and he ended up choosing the perfect ring. Diego was horrible at planning any surprises and he kept hinting and asking me what I thought of certain engagement ideas. I decided that since we spoke about it and he was sure that I wanted to marry him, I wouldn’t make it any easier by telling him how my dream proposal would go. This of course got him sweating about getting it right. Months went by and in the beginning of May 2012, I noticed that things between us started to change and he was becoming more and more distant. Cheating never crossed my mind so I tried talking to him and asking him if everything was okay at work and at home. He would always just tell me things were fine and that things were just picking up at work and he was busier than he’d ever been. Diego could of course never lie to me so I knew something was wrong and he just didn’t want to talk to me about it. For the next two weeks, when he did visit, we would end up watching a movie and as soon as we had even a moment to talk, Diego would tell me that he had to leave so there was never really any time for us to talk. We spent the month of May fighting and arguing and all Diego would say is “I love you and things will get better”. Around the 19th of May, my dad told me he had a function at work and I was invited. The first thing I thought was “I wonder if Diego can go”. Then I remembered that we were fighting and until he decided to talk to me, I wouldn’t invite him or go anywhere with him. So I told my dad Diego was busy and I told Diego he wasn’t invited. I decided to make Diego jealous and told him I would wear his favourite dress since my dad asked me to dress up.

The function was on May 24th and the night before I was watching tv with my mom and told her how sad I was that the cake boss Buddy Valastro arrived for his shiw and I wasn’t going to see him. The next day I was up early to have my hair and my nails done and get all glammed up for my dad’s function. Diego sent me a message saying he managed to get us tickets to see Buddy and I almost died! I made arrangements with my dad and told him that I would go see Buddy before the function so I would have to change at his office for the function. When I eventually got over my excitement of going to see Buddy, I remembered my dad’s function and realized that there never was a function. We had VIP meet and greet tickets and ended up in the front row with the perfect opportunity to ask the first audience question. My fiancé jumped out of his seat and told Buddy about his very excited girlfriend and Buddy called me up to the stage. I completely freaked out and eventually Buddy asked Diego what his question was. That’s when Diego went on his knee and proposed to me in the middle of Buddy’s show at the good food and wine show. We had an audience of about 400 people and it was by far better than any proposal I ever expected.


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