Morgan and Ruan

Morgan and Ruan

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]M[/dropcap]y Fiancé Ruan and I have been dating for 9 years now, but before everything else he is my best friend. The way he proposed was the most random and funny moment which was perfect, i didn’t want a fully planned event which Ruan would never have done, ever! So i would have known immediately what was going on when he suddenly arranged for a dinner meeting or a spa day or something like that. On the 1st Feb 2012 Ruan and I moved in together into our own little apartment in Honeydew, it was hectically draining on our bodies as we did the move ourselves and you never realism how much stuff she accumulate over the years until you start to move it all! So amidst all the frantic moving, unpacking, unhealthy eating and sweating, Ruan managed to find the perfect moment to ask me to be his forever friend. On the 6th Feb 2012, after a day of unpacking and exhaustion, after a long shower, we were both in or pj’s sitting on our balcony having a tea before bed, i being a very clumsy person accidentally knocked over my glass and it shattered everywhere, i proceeded in cleaning up the mess i created, after i had cleaned up i walked into the bedroom to get ready for bed. Ruan was standing in the middle of the room whilst bending over to ‘pick up’ a piece of glass i had missed, i laughed at him, he then knelt on one knee (just to add to the theme of the night, in his pj’s) to which i yelled ‘what the hell are you doing?’ and  held up the most beautiful ring i had ever seen (an exact replica of my mom’s ring if i might add) and mumbled a few words which we both to this day cannot remember what he said, but I SAID YES!

It is almost a year now that we have been engaged and i am still inlove with him and i cannot wait to marry him!

It may not be the most romantic story but it is random and unique and perfect in every way.

Please consider my story i would love to spend a date night with my love through your generosity.


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